FOTD: Two Tone

Here’s a nice simple look using just two eye shadows.  Today I have been busy doing adult things, registering with a new gp (should have done that 2 years ago when we moved, but nevermind), making an appointment with a mortgage advisor, running errands, etc.  And I needed a quick look that I could throw on without being too over the top, but still looking polished.

PicMonkey CollageOoo, moody downcast blogger photo, just gave this a try because of my hooded eyes you can’t really see any of my eyeshadow with open eyes.  It’s a bit annoying, you spend all that work carefully blending your eyeshadow, making it look nice, and then you can’t even really see it.  Poo.

2013-10-02 13.58.25Face:

Rimmel 9 In 1 BB Cream-This has a bit more coverage than my Olay Fresh Effects, but still gives a natural finish.

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer-I just bought this (although you can’t really tell by the state of it) and absolutely love it for concealing under the eyes, nose, and chin.   Better than the Collection Long Lasting Concealer!

Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder-Just repurchased this today, mine is looking a bit sad.

MUA Mosaic Bronzer-Used this to contour, great for pale gals as it is not super dark.

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter-Gorgeous, love this!

17 Blusher in China Pink-Great blush, suits most skin tones!


2013-10-02 12.49.08Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette-The easy bit to this look, run the dark brown crease colour through the crease with a fluffy brush.  Then place the taupe browbone colour over the lid.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-Plenty on the upper lashes!


eos Raspberry Pomegranate Lip Balm-I’ve been applying this at the beginning of my makeup routine so my lips are moisturised by the time the lipstick goes on.

Glossy Box Lipstick in Glossy Pink-A new fall favorite!

What’s your go to eye look on lazy days?  Anyone else getting extremely frustrated by the lack of natural light for blog photos?  Oh English winter time…



The Autumn Tag!

Fall/autumn is here!  And if you read my Transitioning from Summer to Fall post, you’ll know how much I love this time of year, so without further ado, here is the fall tag!

PorcupineMountains 096

1.  Favorite thing about it?  Oooo, how to choose?  Probably the clothing options, I am a huge fan of knitwear, big chunky sweaters with skinny jeans and boots can’t be beat!  I just like being cozy in general, curling up in the evenings under a fleece blanket, candle burning away, fuzzy socks on with a hot cup of tea.

2.  Favorite drink?  Would you believe I have never drank a Pumpkin Spice Latte?  I am definitely a Peppermint Mocha girl all the way, or Caramel Apple Spice.

3.  Best scent/candle?  Definitely cinnamon scents, I have a cinnamon chai Woodwick candle which is amazing (way better than that Yankee candle crap, seriously, check out Woodwick).

4.  Best lipstick?  I have really been liking my Glossybox branded Glossy Pink lipstick at the moment, it’s a darker mauve pink and I think a nice change for fall!

5.  Go to moisturizer?  Definitely Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter, it’s so thick and moisturizing, perfect for dry winter skin.

6.  Go to colours for eyes?  I am really loving my Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette, there’s deep bronzes and golds that I really like for autumn.

7.  Favorite music or band/singer to listen to?  I have been on a Band of Horses kick lately, a bit more mellow and chilled.

8.  Favorite outfit? Chunky knit sweater, dark skinny jeans, and my felt Blowfish boots!

9.  Autumn treat?  Definitely mulled wine, as we didn’t really have it in the states and it’s such a nice chilly weather treat!

10.  Favorite place to be?  Honestly?  Curled up on my sofa, haha!  But seriously, the photo at the beginning of this post was taken at the Porcupine Mountains in Northern Michigan, which is where I went to uni.  Fall was always breathtaking, I have never seen such gorgeous trees and surroundings!

I tag all you lovely readers to do this tag and link me if you do!


FOTD: Just Peachy Green

Oh man, see what I did there?  Technically today is the start of my weekend, I started a new job where I work 4 ten-hour days a week so I get a day off during the week.  Which is really awesome.  During the weekends, I like to experiment a bit more with my eyeshadow, don’t want to look too over the top in the work place.  I’ve been really wanting to try out the green shadow in my Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette, but let’s be honest, green eyeshadow is a bit iffy sometimes.  So I gave it a go, paired with a nice peachy lip and it actually looks quite toned down and subtle I think.

2013-08-09 12.02.51Excuse the wet hair, I like to give it a break from the blow dryer during the weekend.

Here’s what’s on my face:


Rimmel 9 in 1 BB Cream-I’ve been reaching for my Olay Fresh Effect BB cream over this one for a while, but my skin hasn’t been as good and I need a bit more coverage.

MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in Dolly- Love this cream blusher, it’s a nice peachy colour, applies really nicely.

Rimmel Stay Matte Poweder-A staple.


Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette-I used the shimmery beige (top right) over my lid, the green over the outer half and lining the lower lid, and the cream champagne colour (top left) as a highlight.2013-08-09 12.03.25

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-Top and lower lashes.


MUA Lipstick in Nectar-Nice summery colour.

2013-08-09 13.32.44So there’s a nice simple and fresh look using minimal products!

Any plans for the weekend?  What are the most daring eyeshadow shades you’ve worn?


Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette

This was probably my most highly sought after item on my USA visit wish list.  I’ve seen so many beauty vloggers and bloggers talk about the Comfort Zone palette and that red green duo chrome shadow, to die for!  I was a little worried when over twitter I was told that it’s hard to come by, but lucky for me, my local Target was stocked to the brim with these $4 babies!

2013-07-25 16.58.56(Oh no, smudge!)  All the colours contained in this palette are colours I will wear.  and the right hand crease colour is supposedly a dupe for MAC’s Club.

2013-07-25 17.00.33The shadows are soft and buttery, although there is some fall out.  They have amazing pigmentation for a product that is $4, $4!  That is roughly £2.60!

2013-07-25 17.01.51Pretty, pretty.  I can’t wait to experiment with some new eye looks with these shadows!  (Excuse the scar on my arm, had a mishap with a fishing reel in the states :P).

Have you tried any Wet n’ Wild products?  What’s your favorite shadow from the Comfort Zone palette?



American Drugstore Haul!

Hey lovelies!  I am back after my holiday in the states, which went by way too quickly, but now I will be able to give this neglected blog a bit of attention.  I had an amazing time, although getting back was a nightmare thanks to United Airlines, if you want to read about what I did during my time in the states, I’ll have a post up on my lifestyle blog in the next week or so.

Anyway, onto the makeup!  I did a fair bit of shopping while visiting home, the pound to dollar rate is decent and prices are just generally cheaper in Minnesota anyway.  So while the mister stocked up on brands such as Vans, Oakley, and Volcom at ridiculous prices, I hit the drugstore makeup and also got a few nice dresses and work bits at Target and Kohl’s.

I will be doing full reviews on most of these products in the next few weeks!

2013-07-08 10.20.10Milani Baked Blush in 02 Rose D’Oro-This is gorgeous rosey pink with gold running through, very pigmented.  Wish I would have picked up a few more, but the Milani section was really picked over and this was actually the last blush at the Target I went to!

Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette-I was a little worried I’d have trouble finding this palette, but there were a ton of them!  I can’t wait to try this out, there are some great colours in this palette.

Eos Raspberry Pomegranate Lip Balm-I bought the sweet mint lip balm off of Amazon for £6.99 and I picked this up for $2.99 at Target!  At that price, I had to get another, love this lip balms.  Although I do find the packaging does get grubby quickly in your handbag.

Maybelline Babylips in Cherry-I was ummed and ahhed about getting this because Babylips have gotten so much hype for some reason and when it comes down to it, they are just a lip balm.  They were cheap though, $1.99, so I thought why not?  And it’s not that great, it smells nice, but it’s not that moisturizing, I’d say it lasts about 2 hours before you need to reapply.  And even though I got a the dark red, it doesn’t really tint my lips at all.  Disappointing.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-This mascara has an end for top lashes and bottom lashes with corresponding brushes.  The brushes are great, the mascara is very defining, doesn’t really add volume though.  I did find the lower lash mascara did smudge a bit even with the waterproof formula, but I was wearing it in roasting weather and with a lot of greasy SPF so I might give it a try in the office enviroment to see how it holds up.

2013-07-21 15.37.05L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe-Picked this up as its exclusive to the states, it’s a nice enough product, but I haven’t been really wowed by it.  I do like the colour though, very wearable on its own or layered up, it does crease though!

As you can see I also made a stop to the Bath and Bodyworks, I blame Ingrid for my candle purchase (what is it with beauty gurus and candles anyway?).

Bath and Bodyworks Candle in Caribbean Salsa-Normally, I am a Woodwick candle snob, but after sniffing these I had to get one.  The price is also amazing, reduced from $20 to $12, I would have picked up more, but room in my carry on was limited.  They also swabbed it for drugs at the Chicago Airport so probably good I wasn’t carrying a ton of them!

And as you can see, I also picked up a handful of Bath and Bodyworks anti-bacterial hand gels, the scents are awesome and they were on offere 5 for $5 so I stocked up!

So there you have it, I didn’t exactly go mad, but I did get the things I really wanted to pick.  We are visiting again at Christmas so I will probably be doing some more shopping then (after Christmas sales, here I come!).  Keep an eye out for in-depth reviews with swatches, looks, etc in the upcoming weeks!

Have you tried any of these products before?  What should have I got that I missed?


States Visit Wishlist

As some of you may or may not know, depending on if you follow me on twitter, I am flying back home to Minnesota with my husband for a 2 week visit this Sunday.  I absolutely cannot wait, I haven’t been back home for about 2 years now and I am so excited to visit with family and friends.  Secondary to that will be stuffing my face at my various favorite restaurants and shopping, of course!

What kind of beauty blogger would I be if I don’t seize this opportunity to purchase some US only cosmetics?  So here are some of the things I want to get my hands on!

StateswishlistVolum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-I love that this mascara has a small brush for the lower lashes.

Dove Go Fresh Solid Deodorant-Some may think it’s a bit odd to include a deodorant, but I miss solid deodorant.  I know you can get a few brands over here, but it’s just not as prevalent in the UK as the states.  Way better than the ‘dog licked my armpits’ roll on and I just find aerosols to be ineffective.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Duo in Down to Earth-Sonia Kashuk has great quality products at reasonable prices and this eyeshadow due is gorgeous.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe-I blame Vivianna Does Makeup for this one, she featured it on her blog and it is a shade only available in the states.

Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette-So much talk about this palette on the interwebz, I want one and at Wet n’ Wild prices, how could you not?

Physians Formula Super BB Cream-I wanted to check out some Physicians Formula products and this BB cream is getting rave reviews.  Something to add to my summer arsenal.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso-Another US brand that is often raved about, I’ve actually never tried this brand, unlike the others mentioned.  Their baked blushes are particularly raved about.

I will gladly take any suggestions for other purchases I should make!

What are your favorite stateside cosmetics?