Weekend Check In #3

Drinking: Starbucks Pistachio and Rose Mocha, this drink is amazing!  One of my favorite speciality flavours in a long time, soooo good!

Health:  Daily walks with this little stinker!  Meet our new bulldog, Betty, in this post here and check out her instagram at betty.the.bully  Since getting a dog, I have never been more knackered, haha!

During the week, I am in charge of morning walks which means sometimes getting up at 5:45am to take her on a mile long walk.  On the weekends, we try to get her out to the beach, it’s great fun, but can be exhausting!  Need to build up that stamina!IMG_20160214_122603

Wearing:  Mittens and gloves as it’s been bloody freezing lately!

Reading:  Currently reading Disclaimer by Renee Knight.  This is a bestseller and also recommended by Ruth Crilly of a Model Recommends.  It’s about a woman who’s deepest, darkest secret is coming to light years after the fact.  I’m about a quarter through, but so far its been a page turner!

Makeup:  I got a little haul from Makeup Revolution as a treat for passing my driving test.  The Lip Hugs are my new favorite lipstick formula, they are so moisturising!  And the White Chocolate palette is perfect for me, filled with golds, taupes, and earth tones, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

2016-02-07 10.07.02

Playing:  Late to the band wagon, but just downloaded Neko Atsume, the Cat Collecting game!  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but you basically decorate your yard with treats and toys to entice cats to visit, you collect photos of the different cats, highly addictive!

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Weekend Check In #1

Drinking:  Starbucks Hot Mulled Fruit Drink (Grape is better than Apple)-But not loving the red cup controversy which seems to be more of an American thing than in the UK, get a grip, people.  There’s a lot more concerning things happening in the world now to spend your energy on.

2015-11-10 08.16.10

Health:  Yoga with Adriene-Love this girl, these are the only workouts I do now, she’s just amazing.  Check her out if you haven’t yet.  I am especially enjoying the Love Yoga Flow video.

Wearing:  Fuzzy Slipper Booties from Primark, these are the cosiest things ever, perfect for the current weather!


Reading:  It’s definitely reading weather!  And there’s so many good books out as well, currently reading Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Lost Girls by Angela Marsons (The Kim Stone series is excellent if you like crime), and still waiting to get my hands on Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith.  Follow me on Good Reads if you haven’t yet!

Makeup:  Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 42-This lipstick is the perfect nude for me, not having really delved into nude lipsticks, I could be happy with just this one, smells delish as well.


Playing:  Fallout Shelter App-I don’t have an X-Box One yet so to fill the Fallout 4 shaped void in my life, this app has been doing the trick for the time being.  Word of warning, it’s super addictive and a battery sucker as well!


Things I Love About Fall

A little detour from the usual beauty related posts on this blog so that I can ramble on about my favorite season, FALL!  Or autumn for my UK readers.  Fall has always been my favorite season, I love the cool sweater weather, have always been a fan of fall fashion vs summer, watching the leaves change color, apple picking, having an excuse to light candles and get cosy!  So here are my top 5 things I love about fall:

1) Knitwear-I love knitwear with a passion.  I would even go as far to say I have a knitwear problem.  When fall fashion starts to creep into high street stores, there’s nothing more I love than stocking up on “granny sweaters” as my mister loves to call them.  Cable knit, cowl neck, angora, I just can’t get enough.  And I get attached to my sweaters as well, I was devastated to find one of my favorite oatmeal cable sweaters from Primark got a snag which in turn morphed into a large hole.  But as my husband gleefully slam dunked it into the bin, I just started plotting my next sweater purchase…

2) Starbucks Drinks-The phrase Pumpkin Spice Latte might as well be synonymous with the change of the seasons.  However, I am a more of Peppermint or Salted Caramel Mocha kind of girl.  Although, ladies from the Bournemouth area can sympathise with me on this one, why is there no Starbucks in the Bournemouth town centre?  Where am I supposed to get my fix?

3) Candles-I pretty much burn candles all year round, but they are especially nice on a chilly autumn evening.  Check out this post to read about my favorite Woodwick candles that crackle like a burning fire to add even more ambience to your fall nights.

4) Baking-The colder seasons definitely get me in the mood to make some nice warm treats!  Also we could use the extra heat from the oven (anyone else seeing how long they can hold off turning on the heat for?  We haven’t succumbed so far!).  Caramel apple crumble, gooey brownies, chocolate chip cookies, red wine chocolate cake, and hopefully pumpkin spice bars will be whipped up in my kitchen this season.

5) Lazy Evenings-Something about colder weather makes you feel not so guilty about spending the increasingly dark evening curled up on the couch with a fleece blanket and your slipper socks, sipping tea, and watching movies.  It’s too rubbish to be outdoors, what else are we supposed to do?

What are your favorite things about fall?