Weekend Check In #2

Drinking: Water, lots of water.  We got a Brita Filter recently and it has really helped encourage me to stay hydrated!

Health:  First off, absolutely loving my Fitbit Charge HR, you can read my review here.  I have also started doing Lucy Wyndham-Read’s 2016 HIIT Workout before my daily dose of Yoga Camp with Adrienne to get my heart going!

Wearing:  Lots of Primark workout gear!  I would recommend this for home practice as some of their leggings are a bit see through, but who cares if your in your own home?  It’s cheap and does the trick so I’m not constantly doing laundry.

2016-01-21 12.15.34

Reading:  I have been continuing the Flavia de Luce series, by Alan Bradley.  This series has crime, murder most foul, chemistry, dark humour and an 11 old heroine who is sometimes too smart for her own good!

2016-01-21 12.59.40

Makeup:  Not makeup per se, but skincare, I have rediscovered my once beloved Peaches and Clean which is kicking my winter skin back into shape.

Playing:  This video from my holiday in Oz over and over…



What I Got For Christmas 2013

Hello my neglected blog readers!  Sorry for the hiatus, but I have spent the past two weeks in Minnesota visiting with family and friends and enjoying my first Christmas back in the states after spending the past couple in the UK.  So blogging was quite far from my mind during that time, but new year, new start and all that jazz so I have quite a few posts in the works at the moment.

*Standard disclaimer about how I’m not bragging and if this kind of post isn’t for you, kindly click away, etc, etc, blah de blah blah*

Feeling very lucky/spoilt this year, I received so many wonderful gifts!

2014-01-05 11.49.23Candles!  I love candles so much, I received the GINORMOUS Woodwick Trilogy in Exotic Spices from the mister.  And I also received the Bath and Bodyworks 3 wick candles in Winter Candy Apple, Cranberry Pear Bellini, Champagne Toast, and Mahogany Teakwood from my parents.  Considering there isn’t Bath and Bodyworks in the UK, I had to ask for scents based on blogger/vloggers favorites and they are good ones!  I currently have Winter Candy Apple in my living room and Mahogany Teakwood in the bathroom.  I think I did an extraordinary job of transporting these babies in my luggage intact all the way from Minnesota back to the UK!

2014-01-05 11.50.02I also received some books from the family as well.  I am a huge fan of Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series and asked for the newest book, Dust.  Also a HUGE Stephen King fan and got Doctor Sleep, a sequel to the Shining.  Can’t wait to get stuck into both of these, but which one first?? (Also between the books and the candles, I am rather impressed I managed to keep my luggage under weight coming back!).

2014-01-05 11.50.35I was very excited to receive the Teapigs Pick n’ Mix sampler from my brother-in-law.  I’ve already tried the chai (delicious with milk and honey) and the much raved about peppermint liquorice.  I asked for and got a Minnesota mug from my sister this year.  I’ve been trying to get a mug now every time we visit someplace new so someday we will have a nice hodge podge of mugs from all the places we’ve travelled (inspired by Essiebutton) and I had to have one from my home state!  I love this mug, it is covered in all things Minnesotan!

2014-01-05 11.51.42My big gift from the hubby this year was a Kindle Paperwhite.  I love reading, but as you can see by the kind of books I read, they are not really handbag friendly and since I read on my lunch hour/on the bus to work, I am often schlepping heavy old books back and forth to work.  I am one of those people who was not too keen on e-readers at first because I love the feel of a good heavy book, but everyone I know who uses an e-reader raves about it.  Can’t wait to load this baby up with books, suggestions welcome!  He also got me an orange cover (my favorite colour) to go with it.  I also got the DKNY Be Delicious fragrance set from my mom and dad.  This is my original all time favorite perfume, I ran out and bought the Red Delicious one year (the Red ALWAYS seems to be on offer), but it’s just not as good and I am happy to have an old favorite back!

2014-01-05 11.52.57And would Christmas be complete without Soap and Glory?  The bits on the left are from the Relaxstation gift set which I got from work.  It came with a hair turban that I have been using and absolutely love, it really cuts down on hair drying time.  I bought the Yule Monty gift for myself, haha, such a bargain I could not resist.  And I won the manicure set on the end in a Twitter giveaway from Amelia Liana.  So I think I will be well stocked with Soap and Glory for upcoming year 🙂

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and New Year!  I am back to work on Monday which I think will be a bit of a shock, hope I will mostly be over my jet lag by then!

What was your favorite gift you received this year?  Anyone else fall off the blogging bandwagon over the holiday season?


Soap and Glory Best of All: Part Two

And another edition of my Soap and Glory Best of All review (check out part one here)!  Today’s post features the Righteous Butter, Heel Genius, and Peaches and Clean.  Three products that are helping me keep my skin in tip-top state during the colder winter months!

2013-02-05 15.34.45The Righteous Butter is a thick and luxurious body butter scented with the famous Soap and Glory “Pink” scent.  This is perfect for slathering on after a soak in the tub or on freshly shaven legs.  It sinks in quickly without leaving you greasy, you do need a few minutes to “air dry” before trying to slip into those skinny jeans though!

2013-02-05 15.35.07Heel Genius, while not the most exciting product (does anyone get excited about a foot lotion), has become part of my nightly ritual to get my poor sad dry feet back into a condition I see fit for others to view.  This is a light blue, minty lotion that is perfect for slathering on and then covering with some fuzzy socks.  Leave on overnight and your feet will feel amazing!  The minty tingle is great for tired feet that have been stomping around in heels at the office all day.

And last, but certainly not least, Peaches and Clean.  This product has probably changed my beauty routine the most as I have ditched my much beloved face wipes in favor of using this cleanser with a facecloth to remove my makeup every night.  It leaves your skin feeling clean, but not dried out.  I usually use a separate eye makeup remover for stubborn mascara, but Peaches and Clean will take off everything else!

Have you tried any of these products from Soap and Glory?  Have any made it into your beauty routine?


Soap and Glory’s Best of All: Part One

Did you realize it’s snowing??  Haha, my Facebook and Twitter are looking similar to the weather channel at the moment while the UK is getting its first proper snow of the year (causing utter havoc at the same time).  I am enjoying it myself as I have the day off of work and back in Minnesota proper snow consists of about 2 feet, not 2 inches, but I’ll take what I can get!

Back on topic though, today I will be reviewing 3 products from the Soap and Glory Best of all set (you can see my review of the Thick and Fast Mascara here).  I am going to break the review of the entire set up into different parts because I think all the products at once is a bit much.  So today we have Sugar Crush Body Scrub, Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk and Clean on Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel.

2013-01-18 11.33.45Sugar Crush Body Scrub is a delicious mix of brown sugar , sweet lime, almond oil, and macadamia grains.  This stuff smells like heaven, it’s a sickly sweet lime scent and is one of my favorite Soap and Glory scents.  The scrub is not a harsh scrub and is somewhat moisturizing as well.

2013-01-18 11.35.02

Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk was getting a lot of attention on twitter a little while ago as people were touting it the best product in the set.  It’s a nice moisturizer, but I still don’t see why all the hype??  It sinks in quickly and is a non-greasy moisturizer, great for after you’ve shaved your legs.  The scent is Soap and Glory’s almond, oats and brown sugar scent which again, is a lovely scent.  The only thing I would say about it is that it doesn’t mix well with their “pink” scent.  I found this out after using Clean on Me in the shower and then applying Smoothie Star, not a good combination so that’s something to be aware of.

2013-01-18 11.35.22

Clean on Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel has become a firm favorite with even the mister using it on a daily basis.  Luckily the bottle is big enough that I don’t mind sharing.  This is a moisturizing cream shower gel, foams up amazingly, great for shaving with, and leaves you lightly scented with the trademark Soap and Glory Pink scent.

2013-01-18 11.35.37

So far, I am really happy with the Best of All set and haven’t really found a product I don’t like.  There are still available from what I’ve heard so there’s still a chance to pick it up in Boots for £27!

What do you think of Soap and Glory?  What are you up to on this snowy, blustery day?


Product Review: Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast Mascara

I had never tried Soap and Glory cosmetics before, but received the Thick and Fast mascara along with the Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss in my Best of All set.  I was a little worried after reading reviews of this mascara online because it seemed that most people weren’t that fond of the formula.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually love this mascara and it has become a new staple in my everyday routine!

2013-01-07 12.31.02Some things to note:

-This is a very dry formula, which I like, but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  There is nothing more I hate than a wet formula that leaves smudges if you blink your eyes too soon after application.

-The brush is massive!  I did have some trouble getting used to this as I prefer smaller brushes.

-It can go clumpy if you apply a few coats.  I am not a fan of the clumpy lashes look so I stick with one coat.

thickandfastAnd the before and after shot, I know this is advertised as a volumizing mascara, but look at the length it adds!

2013-01-07 12.31.24So although it may not be popular opinion, I am in love with this mascara!

Have you tried any of the Soap and Glory cosmetics?


New Year 2013 Resolutions

I am usually not one for making New Year resolutions, but there are a few things I’d like to accomplish/change this year and I thought a few reasonable and achievable resolutions couldn’t hurt.

1.  Cleanse properly in the evening.  Right now my nightly cleansing routine consists of me using 2-4 cotton pads of eye makeup remover depending on the smokiness/amount of eyeliner caked on my face (skip this step if it’s not the weekend and I am just removing work makeup), a scrubbing with a face wipe, and perhaps a swipe of toner on another cotton pad.

This routine not only does not actually remove all my makeup, it creates a ridiculous amount of waste.  Since purchasing the Best of All Soap and Glory set, Peaches and Clean and a face cloth will be my new night-time routine.  I was a bit hesitant to use a cleanser in the evening because I thought it would take too much time (I usually have to rouse myself from the sofa and drag myself into the bathroom half asleep to complete my night-time routine).  I have found it is actually just as fast, if not quicker than my old routine.  I will make this resolution 5/7 days of the week though just to cover those occasional drunken stumbles into the flat on the weekends.

2.  Do Zumba on the X Box twice a week.  I am not concerned about losing weight and all that jazz, this is mainly to keep me feeling good and healthy.  I always feel better after forcing myself to do a quick 20 minute Zumba session after work and because my job is rather sedentary, it’s important for me to have some physical activity to keep myself in shape.

3.  Save a good chunk of money towards a mortgage deposit.  The mister and I are nearing a stage in our life where in a few year’s time, we’d like to have some kids, and that also goes along with a house to raise them in.  We’ve already set up some different high interest savings accounts to start saving regularly.  Doing grown up stuff like this makes me a little depressed, but is necessary.

And there they are!  My 3 little New Year’s resolutions!  Not too terribly intimidating or off-putting, which I think is important when making such things.

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions?  Or do you think they’re a waste of time?


Product Review: Superdrug Hand and Nail Cream

I am a big fan of Superdrug’s own brand, all the products I’ve tried from their line have never disappointed me.  So the other day when I ran out of my Soap and Glory Hand Food and needed a moisturizer for my handbag STAT, I dropped into Superdrug on my lunch break (as I am prone to do).

The 2 in 1 Hand and Nail Cream had caught my eye before and I decided to give it a go.  It is enriched with keratin and vitamin B5 to help the condition of your nails and if you saw my previous post on Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth, you know I need all the help I can get.

So how does it stack up?  The only thing I can  say I like better about Soap and Glory’s Hand Food is the scent.  This hand and nail cream has that generic perfumey lotion scent, but it scent disappears quickly so it’s not a huge issue.  It sinks into the skin quickly, it’s not as thick as Hand Food so you do have to use a bit more.

Minor detail, but I like the squeezy tube better than the Hand Food tube.  The Superdrug Hand and Nail Cream is made from very soft plastic, I find because the Hand Food tube is a bit stiffer, it’s hard to get the product out when you’re nearing the end.

So overall, a nice product in a cute pink tube that will probably become a handbag staple.

What do you think of Superdrug’s brand?