Weekend Check In #2

Drinking: Water, lots of water.  We got a Brita Filter recently and it has really helped encourage me to stay hydrated!

Health:  First off, absolutely loving my Fitbit Charge HR, you can read my review here.  I have also started doing Lucy Wyndham-Read’s 2016 HIIT Workout before my daily dose of Yoga Camp with Adrienne to get my heart going!

Wearing:  Lots of Primark workout gear!  I would recommend this for home practice as some of their leggings are a bit see through, but who cares if your in your own home?  It’s cheap and does the trick so I’m not constantly doing laundry.

2016-01-21 12.15.34

Reading:  I have been continuing the Flavia de Luce series, by Alan Bradley.  This series has crime, murder most foul, chemistry, dark humour and an 11 old heroine who is sometimes too smart for her own good!

2016-01-21 12.59.40

Makeup:  Not makeup per se, but skincare, I have rediscovered my once beloved Peaches and Clean which is kicking my winter skin back into shape.

Playing:  This video from my holiday in Oz over and over…



Weekend Check In #1

Drinking:  Starbucks Hot Mulled Fruit Drink (Grape is better than Apple)-But not loving the red cup controversy which seems to be more of an American thing than in the UK, get a grip, people.  There’s a lot more concerning things happening in the world now to spend your energy on.

2015-11-10 08.16.10

Health:  Yoga with Adriene-Love this girl, these are the only workouts I do now, she’s just amazing.  Check her out if you haven’t yet.  I am especially enjoying the Love Yoga Flow video.

Wearing:  Fuzzy Slipper Booties from Primark, these are the cosiest things ever, perfect for the current weather!


Reading:  It’s definitely reading weather!  And there’s so many good books out as well, currently reading Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Lost Girls by Angela Marsons (The Kim Stone series is excellent if you like crime), and still waiting to get my hands on Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith.  Follow me on Good Reads if you haven’t yet!

Makeup:  Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 42-This lipstick is the perfect nude for me, not having really delved into nude lipsticks, I could be happy with just this one, smells delish as well.


Playing:  Fallout Shelter App-I don’t have an X-Box One yet so to fill the Fallout 4 shaped void in my life, this app has been doing the trick for the time being.  Word of warning, it’s super addictive and a battery sucker as well!


Winter Primark Haul!

With autumn weather setting in, the urge to buy all things knitted and cosy has set in.  Yes, I do need another sweater!  I was also hoping to get a few different pieces for work and some work out clothes as I continue the 30 Day Shred.

2014-10-20 14.18.43Wool Blend Cable Knit Sweater (£12.00)-This sweater feels surprisingly high quality for Primark, as you can see I went a little maroon crazy, but it’s a nice colour for fall!

Check Kilt (£8.00)-I would call this a tartan skirt, but just going by my receipt.  I think the will look nice for work with a plain top and black tights and boots.  Another piece that feels quite high quality for Primark!

Cotton Leggings (£3.00)-Just picked these short leggings up to exercise in at home.

Smock Dress (£10.00)-Going to dress this up with a belt and jewellery and it will be perfect for work.

Sports Bra (£4.00)-Just a spare for working out at home.

Check Pajama Pants (£6.00)-I bought a pair like this last year that are getting a bit worn (probably because I wear them constantly!).  These are so comfy, I needed a second pair.  I went for the straight legged kind, not a fan of the cuffed kind.

Novelty Fairy Lights (£6.00)-These are adorable and run on a battery pack so you don’t need to plug them in, I’m planning on draping them over our mantle.

Plastic Wayfarers (£1.00)-It may be closing in on winter, but on the rare occasion when we get sun I’ll get some use out of these.

3 Wick Candle Tin (£3.50)-Cheap and cheerful, can’t have too many candles come autumn!

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?  What are your winter staples?



Primark Summer Haul!

I am leaving to go to Fuerteventura soon with the hubby for a week-long stay at an all-inclusive resort and can’t wait!  It will probably be our last proper holiday before we become home owners and can’t afford to take holiday anymore.  I decided to pick up a few holiday essentials in Primark today.  Sometimes, I absolutely hate Primark, everything looks ugly, can’t find anything to my taste and sometimes, I WANT EVERYTHING!  Today was an “I want everything” day, but I managed to restrain myself, but there is some cute and reasonably priced summer stuff in there now!  I think Primark do summer clothing a lot better than winter, so definitely worth a look if you haven’t been to Primark in a while.

2014-04-22 16.47.49Maxi Dress-£10, I’ve always wanted a maxi dress to wear in the summer, but I either looked like I was wearing a sausage casing or a tent.  This is a nice in between, it’s fitted, but not so fitted that every lump and bump shows.  The tie around the waist also gives it a bit of definition.  The print is a bit loud, but I think it will be perfect for holiday or at the beach.

Green Patterned Tank Top-£5, I have two of these tanks tops from last year and I love them.  They are a bit drapey are longer in the back with a key hole and some ruffling down the center of the back.  They are very flattering and comfortable.  They also can be dressed up a bit with some dark skinny jeans and a black cardigan for chillier evenings.

Blue/Orange Patterned Tank Top-£5, this top has a different back than the first, but still same concept.  Super comfy and flowy and also can be dressed up a bit.  I would love to have 20 of these and would wear them all summer long.

Red Bikini-£4, So Primark bikinis aren’t the best quality, I bought once last year and it’s faded a bit in the sun and looks a bit worn, but at £4 you can’t really go wrong.  This has really cute detail on the lining.

Orange Aztec Print Bikini-£4, And at that price, why not get 2 or 3?  I thought this was really fun, the red is definitely more for the mister and this one is totally me!

Sandals-£10, I needed some new footwear that wouldn’t slide off my feet (I bought some Primark sandals last year that didn’t stay on very well).  These are much more secure on the foot and won’t slide around with the backing.  They are somewhat dressy (holiday dressy, haha!) so should be able to wear in the day and evening.

And there you have it folks!  Believe me, I could have purchased a ton more, but I had to exhibit some restraint.

Anything in Primark catch your fancy lately?  What are your holiday clothing staples?


Primark Haul!

I have the day off today and subsequently have received a quarterly bonus so combined this made for a shopping trip into town!  I was mainly looking for workout gear because I won a one year gym membership at my Christmas work do.  And my current workout wear consists of are some old yoga pants and a university marketing club t-shirt.  Snazzy.

The goods:

2013-02-19 13.55.01In a clockwise fashion:

American Flag Print drop sleeve tank-This was £4 and I picked this up because I thought it would be nice to have a little US memorabilia in my wardrobe without the print being too obnoxious.

Black and Dusky Pink Tanks-These were £2.50 each and will be great for gym going.

Aztec Print Backpack-£9, I needed something to haul all my gym crap in and I wanted a backpack rather than an over the shoulder bag so when I’m tired and dying from a workout, I won’t have to strain a shoulder carrying my gear back as I trudge my way home.  Also need to mention, this bag is super soft!

Seductive Plunge Bras-Ooo, my bras are like 4 years old, time for a change, these are nice and £7 for the pair!

Cowboy Boots-£18 for these bad boys and I love them so (mister will not, good thing he won’t be wearing them).  They will look great with skinny jeans now and denim shorts in the summer.  They are super comfy and cushy inside, also comes in a blue-black that I almost went for instead.

2013-02-19 13.55.35Crop Grey Sweatpants-For sweating in.

Dark Grey Zip Up-This is a really nice hoodie, I will probably wear this to the gym as well as lazy days at home.  It’s really soft and was £6.

Next Skinny Jeans-These snuck in there, I have been looking for a good pair of skinny jeans.  I was going to go for the Topshop Leigh jeans, but upon my arrival into town I found our Topshop was closed for refurbishment.  These jeans, however, are soft and supposed to shape and lift (it feels like they do!).  Very comfortable and make your bum look nice, £42.

Facecloths-For using with my Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean, pack of 3 for £1.50.

Overall, it was a very successful shopping trip.  Normally, I go into town, decide I hate everything and can’t be bothered to try stuff on, get frustrated, and go home empty-handed.  I’m a terrible shopper.

Have you purchased anything from Primark lately?  Yay or nay to cowboy boots?


Handbag Shopping Hell

First off, I will let you know, I am a terrible shopper when it comes to clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.  Not so much makeup or other beauty products, but me buying a new pair of jeans seriously takes an act of God.  I have no patience, if I have a pair of jeans (probably like 4-6 years old) that I love already, I’ll compare every new pair I try on to them and none will ever measure up.  Normally, I leave the store empty-handed and end up having to go back and repeat the process.

It was my birthday recently and I saved some of my birthday money so I could buy a new handbag.  Nothing too fancy, I had about a £25-£30 budget in mind.  My current bag is about a year old now and it’s just become super shapeless and worn.  While browsing blogs the other day, I saw that Primark had a dupe of the Zara shopper bag for £12  and thought “perfect, everyone is raving about it and it’s cheap, that’s the bag I’ll get!”.

So mister and I go into town for lunch on Saturday and pop into Primark on our way home.  I am a woman on a mission, fingers crossed that the bag is still in stock.  And there it is!  In all its £12 glory!  I pick it up and put it over my shoulder and my husband looks at me and says “No way.  You’re joking right?  That thing is gigantic.”.  And he’s right, but I had it in my head I needed it, so I argue, “Oh, but my lunch and books will fit in it!”.  Husband,”You look ridiculous, it looks like you’re going on a week-long holiday somewhere.”

So I look in the mirror, I’m a pretty small person, and yes, the bag just wasn’t my style and it looked like it was wearing me(I also realized it would be too big to fit in my locker at work).  I carried it around the store, browsing for a while, not wanting to let go of my prize, my husband trailing behind me pretend to stumble under the weight of an invisible gigantic  handbag (which in turn was making me laugh my ass off, we got some strange looks from the sales girls).  So despite all the blogger hype and how excited I was to see the elusive bag in stock, I was thankful for my husband’s blunt advice.  Instead I ended up getting this number at TK Maxx which is much more “me” and also way better quality than the Primark bag.

I am just happy I won’t have to go through this ordeal for at least another year now.

Have you succumbed to the blogger hype and picked up the Primark Zara Shopper dupe?  Do you love or loathe shopping?