Meet Betty: Our New Bulldog

You may have seen me vague tweeting at the beginning of the week being quite anxious/excited about something.  And now I can share with everyone, my husband and I got a bulldog!  We bought her from a private seller on the Pets4Homes site, her owner had a very sad situation going on and had to give her up.  We saw Betty’s ad 7 minutes after it was posted, she sounded perfect, she has been raised with kids and other dogs, housetrained and crate trained.  Also after doing some research about bulldogs, they sounded like the perfect breed for my husband and I who both work due to their very lazy nature!


Betty is a blue and white English Bulldog.  She’s been such a joy to have, she is so well behaved, she doesn’t bark (she does snort, grunt, snore, burp and fart though, haha!), walks perfect on her harness, is happy to sleep in her crate when we’re not home, and has also done very well for her first test run off the lead on the beach today!


After doing a ton of research about bulldogs before we bought her, there are some things to note as they might not be for everyone.  They are prone to a multitude of health problems, including hip displaysia, breathing problems, skin allergies, obesity and the list goes on.  So you need to have good insurance.  And while they don’t need much exercise, they do need a lot of maintenance in the grooming area.  We clean Betty’s face wrinkles daily and we have to dry her paws well after walks as they are prone to yeast infections in these areas.  She gets oatmeal baths to calm her skin.  And she also eats hypoallergenic dog food.  They aren’t cheap.


Despite all this, we absolutely love her, I’ve been wanting a dog my entire adult life and she just makes my husband and I so happy.  She loves her toys, but they are hard chewers so you need to get sturdy toys if you want them to last!  She’s snoozing on the couch next to me as I write this.  Couldn’t get much cuter 🙂


If you’d like to see more of Betty, check out her instagram: betty.the.bully

Let me know if you have any questions about Betty or bulldogs in general!