Eyelid Primers: MUA vs ELF

I have been using ELF’s Eyelid Primer for ages and have always been quite happy with it.  It keeps my eyeshadow in place and for a £1.50, you can’t really go wrong.  But in my last MUA order, I decided to give their new eyelid primer a go, a pound more expensive at £2.50.

Superficially, I prefer the MUA packaging, the MUA formula is a bit thicker than the ELF, but besides that they are pretty much the same.

ELF on the left and MUA on the right.  I decided to test the two products out to see if one outperformed the other by wearing ELF primer on one eye and MUA on the other for a full day.

There wasn’t any real difference in how the pigmentation showed up for the eyeshadow.  But here’s how my makeup looked after a full day of wear. *Sidenote: My eye makeup usually holds up much better than this in general, but I did take a bath(while doing my best to keep my face dry and makeup intact) in the evening which I normally wouldn’t do wearing eye makeup anyway, but for the experiment’s sake I left it on so I could go a full day.

Here’s the MUA eye, as you can see there is a fair amount of eyeshadow that has gone from the lid (again, under extreme bathing circumstances, normally, my eyeshadow would last all day with this primer).

And the ELF eye, which in my opinion, held up quite a bit better.  It’s definitely not as patchy/creased as the MUA eye.

And the verdict?  Both of these eyelid primers are excellent for everyday wear, but for extremely hot weather/rain/beach, I would say that ELF works best.

Have you tried either of these primers?  Do you wear a full face of makeup while bathing(:P)?



NOTD: MUA Shade 3

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!  Despite the crap weather, I went down to the beach for a few hours with the mister this morning to watch him kitesurf.  I now have a lovely face full of freckles and wind burn, but it was nice to be out near the sea despite the gray weather.

I pulled this polish out of my collection the other day while searching for something bright and uplifting.  Not sure why I haven’t ever used this yet, I really love the bright purple color!

I really love how this color looks and because I tend to wear a lot of beige/grey/neutral clothing, this works as a nice complimenting pop of color.

Hmm, looks like I should be dusting my mantle this weekend.

What have you been doing this long Jubilee weekend?  What’s on your nails at the moment?


Product Review: MUA Lipstick in Juicy

This lipstick was one of two I picked up in my mini MUA Haul.  I was trying to go for some springy colours, getting away from my go to neutral pinks.  While I really liked the orange MUA Nectar, I have to say that Juicy was a little too Barbie pink for my skin tone and just didn’t look quite right on me, I think maybe with a bit of a tan I could pull it off.

Not to say that this is a bad lipstick though!  If this colour is one you normally would go for, I would say you definitely need to pick this lipstick up!  And that is due to its surprisingly long staying power.  Now MUA lipsticks are known for their vastly differing formulations, some are gritty, some creamy, some sheer.

While I found Nectar quite creamy and moisturizing, it doesn’t really last.  Now I put on Juicy before going to work one day (so about 7:45 in the morning) and was shocked when I went into the toilet after lunch at 1, even after eating, the lipstick was still on and hadn’t budged!  Now that is pretty amazing for a £1 lipstick.

So if you are a fan of MUA, this is definitely one to pick up for your collection, an affordable and long-lasting lipstick!

Have you found huge variations in the formulas of MUA lipsticks?  What’s your favorite MUA lipstick shade?


Product Review: MUA Lipstick in Nectar

I apologize for the long blog hiatus, but my parents have just headed back to the states today after a long, sight seeing filled 11 days!  We had an amazing time, but have also been left rather exhausted (and after 11 days, I am cringing at the thought of going back to work tomorrow).

But anyway, back to makeup!  You will recognize this lovely lipstick from my MUA haul and I have to say that I am completely smitten with this little gem.

I was a bit frightened when I received this because it looks like a bright orange lipstick in the tube.  Now I am a neutral, pinky toned lipstick lover myself.  Nectar is quite a far cry from what my usual lip products resemble.  But on the lips, the colour completely transforms!  It’s a rather sheer formula, and I also find it to be quite moisturizing like most MUA lipsticks.

It’s a nice change for me and really brightens up my look without being too over the top.  I am not quite brave enough to rock the bright lip colours, but this is a nice variation from my normal look.

So a very wearable and affordable lipstick from MUA!  And I also like that fact that they’ve given it a name (why can’t you name all your product colours, MUA?).  Definitely one to pick up next time you’re in Superdrug!

Do you like MUA lipsticks?  What’s your favorite shade?


Mini MUA Cosmetics Haul!

I succumbed to a bargain the other day when I took advantage of MUA’s Immaculate Collection Eye Palette (normally retails for £8) free with purchase.  I ended up spending just under £10 for the following loot.  And I think I got quite the deal. (Sorry for the glare, the crap weather outside means working with artificial bathroom lighting).

In addition to my free eye palette, I also purchased the Professional Eye Primer (looking forward to seeing how this stacks up against my ELF primer), a replacement Mosaic Bronzer (mine sadly smashed into a million pieces during an unfortunate incident with the bathtub), and two lipsticks in Nectar and Juicy.

I can’t wait to start experimenting with this palette, I’ve been stuck in a neutrals rut so hopefully this will add a bit of color to my look.

I just love the look of a brand new, never used before lipstick.  Here we have Nectar on the left and Juicy on the right.  I thought these orangey coral lipsticks would be perfect for spring summer.

Expect full reviews on these products soon!

But not too soon, tomorrow my parents are flying over from the states to visit the mister and I.  We will be spending a few days in London before coming back to Bournemouth.  They’ve never been out of the states before (typical Americans, haha!) so I really am looking forward to showing them around and what my life is like here.  So that is the reason there may not be a lot of activity on here in the upcoming week 🙂

So, did you take advantage of the free Immaculate Collection Palette?  What are your favorite MUA products?

Also, MUA is currently running a promotion now where you can get a free Pastel palette with purchase!


Product Review: MUA 3 in 1 Extreme Contour Liner

I received this product as a freebie when purchasing an MUA product, and I have to say I probably would not have gotten it otherwise.

The 3 in 1 Contour Liner is basically a soft eye pencil cased inside a plastic twisty up deal.  The packaging is nice and sleek, but to be honest the actual product is not much to write home about.  The 3 in 1 comes from the fact that you can angle the nib of the pencil differently to line your eyes with different thicknesses.

The angled tip of the liner is handy, but because of the extremely soft consistency, this eyeliner creases and smudges like nobody’s business.  I’ve found that using an eyelid primer and setting the liner with an eyeshadow does help. I tried using this over the entire eyelid as a base, but after I had blinked about 3 times, it had completely creased.

The colour I have is called Sage, which is a nice neutral brown, but can look a tad orangey.  So overall, as a freebie it’s not an awful product, but it’s just not one of MUA’s most exciting products.

Have you tried the 3 in 1 Extreme Contour Liners?


Beauty Bargain Alert: MUA Lipsticks

After picking up an MUA Lipstick on a whim one day, I discovered that this £1 beauty product is a real gem.  These lipsticks are highly pigmented, apply smoothly, and actually feel quite moisturizing on the lips.

This is in Shade 9, it’s very wearable, somewhat sheer.

And then I thought I’d get a little braver with the hot pink Shade 3.

I can’t help but compare these to ELF lipsticks, at £1.50 and I can’t see myself buying them after knowing how great the MUA lipsticks are for 50p cheaper.  ELF lipsticks I also find to be quite drying and hard to apply evenly.  I definitely plan on adding more of these great £1 lipsticks to my collection!

Have you tried MUA lipsticks?  What’s your favorite shade?