Little Lush Christmas Haul!

When this year’s Lush Christmas range came out, I almost bought the whole lot on the website.  It just looked that good!  I managed to restrain myself though and save up a bit before splurging in a shop in town.  Which generally, I do think is preferable to shopping online because something that sounds amazing may not float your boat in person (I, for one, cannot stand Snow Fairy which seems to have its own cult following, too sickly for my liking).  There is one item this year that I was over the moon to see and that was the So White Shower gel, the So White bath bomb is one of my top Lush products and the thought of having it in shower gel form is wonderful.

So here’s what I got!

2014-10-20 14.25.57Holly Golightly-This bubble bar scared me a bit with the copious amounts of silver glitter, but it was huge and pretty and I couldn’t pass it up.  It has a spicy citrus smell and looks like a product you can get quite a few uses from.

Dashing Santa-This little guy is packed full of citrus, I tend to prefer the citrusy Lush scents so I had to get him.

Lord of Misrule-This bath bomb looks amazing, it has a bright purple center.  The scent is gorgeous, its spicy and sweet, one of the more complex Lush scents.

Cinders-An old favorite, love the popping candy!

So White Shower Gel-My favorite apple scented bath bomb in shower gel form, can’t wait to use this!  I plan on trying it in my hair as well to see if the scent lingers.

Snow Angel-This beautiful bath melt smells like my beloved Snowcake soap.  I didn’t pick up any soap this year as I don’t really tend to use solid soap so this bath melt is the perfect alternative to one of my favorite Christmas Lush scents.

2014-10-20 14.26.31

So White Bath Bomb-Fresh apple scented loveliness!

I can’t wait to try all these products out!  And I’m sure quite a few will be making it on my Christmas wish list as well (a truck load of So White shower gel will do nicely).

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas range yet?  What your favorite seasonal Lush product?



Sunburn Savior: LUSH’s Dream Cream

Having just come back from a lovely week-long holiday in Fuerteventura (read about it here if you like), my skin is in dire need of hydration.  My complexion does not lend itself to tanning well at all.

I don’t tan, I burn and get freckly.  Despite my best efforts of slathering in SPF 50 sun cream, I still managed to get some weird patches of sun burn.  I gave up laying out halfway through the holiday and enjoyed the heat from the shade of a parasol for the remainder of the trip.

2014-05-19 12.04.17

To ease the pain and prevent myself from shedding like a snake, I have been slathering on copious amounts of LUSH’s Dream Cream.  This is a lovely, cooling cream that is suitable for sensitive skin and feels great to soothe sunburns.

It’s thicker than a lotion, but not quite as thick as a body butter.  It does have a slightly greasy texture.  It does have a very strong herbal scent, mostly like lavender, so if that’s not your thing you might want to steer clear.  Beside lavender oil, it also contains skin softening oat milk, rose absolute, and fair trade cocoa butter.

dreamcreamThis will definitely be part of my daily routine until my sunburn has healed and gone.

Do you turn into a bronze goddess in the sun or are you a pale gal that can’t take the heat?  What’s your favorite after sun product?



LUSH Skincare

I’ve only really dabbled with LUSH skin care in the past.  The Fresh Face masks are nice for an occassional treat, but I found their solid cleansers such as Herbalism and Angels on Bare Skin too fussy to use.  I wash my face in the shower in the morning and can’t be bothered with trying to keep water out of a tub of solid cleanser and trying to mix a paste in my hands before it all crumbles down the drain.  But I have discovered two products from the LUSH skin care line that I am really loving now.

2013-10-27 13.14.45

First up is Skin’s Shangrhi La, I received a sample of this in a giftset.  This is a super thick moisturizer, definitely for the dry skinned girlies.  And even then I only use it at night and on the weekends when I know I won’t be going out.  This stuff is greasy!  But it’s perfect for getting dried out winter skin back into shape.  The only thing I dislike about it is the scent.  It contains wheat grass and vanilla, and it smells like wheat grass and vanilla.  It is not a pleasant scent.

2013-10-27 13.15.23

And the second product is the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion.  This stuff on the other hand smells divine, it’s very floral so if that’s not your thing, I would avoid this.  I use this on a cotton pad in the evening and it will completely dissolve all of your makeup, including waterproof mascara, it’s very gentle and won’t sting your eyes.  I then follow-up with my Boot Botanics All Bright Cleansing toner.

2013-10-27 13.15.51

Have you tried any LUSH skincare?  What are you using to combat dry winter skin?


LUSH BB Seaweed Face Mask

I am a big fan of LUSH products and their Fresh Face Masks!  I picked up the BB Seaweed and Sacred Truth mask (review on Sacred Truth to come!) the other day, I’ve never tried either of those masks before.  I have used Fresh Face Masks before though, the chocolate mask and the blueberry mask.

  LUSH describes this mask as a good mask for softening, cooling, and reducing redness.  It also contains ground almonds for exfoliation.

So what did I think of this mask?  It is very thick, like most LUSH Fresh Face Masks and they can be a bit difficult to apply (and cold from being kept in the fridge!).  BB Seaweed does have bits of seaweed in it, but I didn’t really have a problem with the bits falling off or anything.  The smell is a bit herbal-y and floral, very typical LUSH scent.  The mask exfoliates your face as you wash it off, I did find it left my skin feeling a bit tight.  You do need to use a moisturizer after you use it.
Over all, it is a really nice all-purpose mask.  It left my skin feeling deep cleansed and fresh.

What is your favorite LUSH Fresh Face Mask?


Herbal Essences Breakage Defender

I have been in a bit of a shampoo and conditioner rut lately.  I’ve been using Lush’s Karma Komba shampoo bar for months now, mainly because shampoo bars last so long (not a bad thing, but a girl can get bored).  In addition to the Karma Komba shampoo, I have been using  Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends conditioner.  I’ve always been a big fan of Herbal Essences products so when my new blow drying routine started making my hair look a bit frizzy, I shopped around for something with a bit more hair protecting oompf.

Enter Herbal Essences Breakage Defender!  I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for the past few days and my hair is so silky and smooth.

The description is as follows:  I’m a love potion that helps repair signs of combing damage. Meet a great concoction of royal jasmine & silky sea palm extracts. This is your new beginning. Get over that break up. I’ll help make break ups history for brittle hair in 3 ways.

Not entirely sure what the 3 ways are, but whatever they may be, it seems to be working.

The shampoo smells so nice, it says it contains pearl, coconut, and mango extracts, but for some reason it smells exactly like apples, which was a bit of a surprise.  The conditioner on the other hand, does smell more floral.

Have you tried any of the Herbal Essences line lately?  What’s shampoo and conditioner are in your shower?


Product Review: Lush’s So White Bath Bomb

I apologize for my lack of blogging this week.  We had guests over the weekend so I didn’t get to do my usual stock pile of posts over the weekend.  And the mister has been out of town for work this week so I have been lazing about, watching trashy tv that he can’t stand and struggling with the whole cooking for one concept (I tried to make a curry just for myself and ended up with enough to feed a family of 6).

So excuses aside, here is another review after once again delving into my Lush Christmas goodies.

Behold the So White bath  bomb!  So White being a throw back to Snow White and referencing apples, but this one isn’t poisoned!  The scent is lovely and I haven’t smelled anything like this from Lush.  The apple scent is delicate and slightly floral, it lingers on the skin after you get out of the bath.  The bomb doesn’t color the water, but does soften it.  This is a new Lush favorite for me and I am kind of bummed I didn’t stock up this year!

Have you tried the So White bath bomb?  Are you enjoying any other Christmas Lush goodies?


Product Review: Lush’s Melting Snowman

As you might have seen in my previous blog post, I received quite a few Lush Christmas items this year.  And have now begun to delve into my little treasure trove of bath goodies.  Now, I am quite familiar with Lush bubble bars and bath bombs, but I had never tried a bath melt before.  For the price, they just seemed a bit too luxurious for me to be tempted to buy.  But as a fan of Snowcake (which Melting Snowman is scented), I couldn’t wait to give this bath melt a go.

He’s a little damp here as I had to rescue him from the bath as I dropped him before I had the chance to photograph.  Also cheeky glass of pinot grigio in the back, the best way to enjoy a lovely Lush bath.

The point of using a bath melt in the tub is to soften the water and your skin.  The Melting Snowman contains skin softening cocoa and shea butter.  As the Melting Snowman meets his demise in your bath water, he lightly scents it with the lovely marzipan scent of Snowcake (the scent lingers on your skin once out of the tub).  The Melting Snowman does cloud the water a bit, the only downside is that the chocolate bits melt and leave brown bits floating around your tub.

My skin did feel quite moisturized, if a bit greasy, after I got out.  I would suggest using this melt at night so the oils can soak into your skin while you’re sleeping.  All in all, a very pleasant first bath melt experience.

Have you used Lush bath melts before?  What’s your favorite bath time accompaniments?