My FitBit Charge HR

Recently, I had a bit of Quidco money that had accumulated and wanted to get myself an after Christmas treat.  Originally, I was going to treat myself to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, but then the Fitbit caught my eye.  I have been doing Adrienne’s Yoga Camp for January and I already used the S Health app on my Android phone to track my fitness.  I did want to track my exercise more accurately so I started researching the different Fitbits/fitness watches.

I ended up choosing the Fitbit Charge HR because of the heart rate monitor.  You can measure how many calories you burn during exercises where steps aren’t what counts (such as yoga) because it calculates it based on your heart rate through out.

I ended up getting a small Fitbit Charge HR in black and so far I am really happy that I chose this over the Ambient Lighting Palette.  It measures your steps, flights of stairs climbed (or equivalent if you’re going up hill), your sleep, heart rate of course, and calories burned.  It also automatically picks up when you are doing certain exerices (running, walking, cycling) and tracks this as well.  The Fitbit app is great and easy to use.


-Notifies you when you  hit your goals/also sends notifications to encourage you if you haven’t met your goal towards the end of the day

-Silent vibrating alarm (you won’t wake your partner in the morning)

-Display shows the important stats, easy to use

-Stopwatch feature to track exercise that the app might not automatically pick up

-Battery lasts 4-5 days and only takes about 2 hours to charge

-Works as caller id for your phone (I don’t really use this feature as you would need to have bluetooth on your phone and it drains my battery)

-The app is great, easy to use, lots of features, you can choose which stats matter to you

2016-01-21 12.36.44



-Sleep tracker isn’t completely accurate, it tracked one of my yoga sessions as restless sleep

-It’s a bit bulky on my wrist (but I have really scrawny wrists to be fair)

2016-01-21 12.13.26.jpg

-Water resistant, but not waterproof, ok to wear in the rain, but not in the shower

-Automatic exercise tracking not always accurate, during one of my anxious driving lessons. it thought I was cycling because of how high my heart rate was (oops!), but you can go back and delete and edit incorrect entries

Overall, I absolutely love this tracker.  I’ve done a bit of research and it seems to be the best all rounder for the average health nut in terms of fitness trackers.

I also have been using the Bounts app in conjunction with it, this app lets you earn points for steps and exercise that can be exchanged for vouchers and other prizes!  My referral link:

Do you have a fibit or fitness tracker?  Which one are you using and why?



New Year 2013 Resolutions

I am usually not one for making New Year resolutions, but there are a few things I’d like to accomplish/change this year and I thought a few reasonable and achievable resolutions couldn’t hurt.

1.  Cleanse properly in the evening.  Right now my nightly cleansing routine consists of me using 2-4 cotton pads of eye makeup remover depending on the smokiness/amount of eyeliner caked on my face (skip this step if it’s not the weekend and I am just removing work makeup), a scrubbing with a face wipe, and perhaps a swipe of toner on another cotton pad.

This routine not only does not actually remove all my makeup, it creates a ridiculous amount of waste.  Since purchasing the Best of All Soap and Glory set, Peaches and Clean and a face cloth will be my new night-time routine.  I was a bit hesitant to use a cleanser in the evening because I thought it would take too much time (I usually have to rouse myself from the sofa and drag myself into the bathroom half asleep to complete my night-time routine).  I have found it is actually just as fast, if not quicker than my old routine.  I will make this resolution 5/7 days of the week though just to cover those occasional drunken stumbles into the flat on the weekends.

2.  Do Zumba on the X Box twice a week.  I am not concerned about losing weight and all that jazz, this is mainly to keep me feeling good and healthy.  I always feel better after forcing myself to do a quick 20 minute Zumba session after work and because my job is rather sedentary, it’s important for me to have some physical activity to keep myself in shape.

3.  Save a good chunk of money towards a mortgage deposit.  The mister and I are nearing a stage in our life where in a few year’s time, we’d like to have some kids, and that also goes along with a house to raise them in.  We’ve already set up some different high interest savings accounts to start saving regularly.  Doing grown up stuff like this makes me a little depressed, but is necessary.

And there they are!  My 3 little New Year’s resolutions!  Not too terribly intimidating or off-putting, which I think is important when making such things.

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions?  Or do you think they’re a waste of time?