August Empties

My empties bag has gotten quite full and was in dire need of an emptying out.  Disclaimer as usual, obviously I haven’t used all these products in August, this is what I’ve used up since my last empties post, which was May, I believe.

2013-08-09 12.01.02Look at them all!  It feels so nice to be able to pitch these all in the recycling bin!  I’ll try to go in a somewhat clockwise fashion here.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner-I really liked this pair, they did start to dry out my hair though near the end of the bottles (they lasted over a month).  But keratin is clarifying so I did expect that, I would purchase them again, they made my hair feel really strong.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream-I got this in a Glossybox and I really liked it, definitely something I would repurchase.  Which I should actually do as I don’t have an eye cream at the moment.

Superdrug Heat Defence Spray-I didn’t finish this, but I am chucking it out because I discovered L’Oreal Elnet Heat Protect Spray which is soooo much better and actually makes my hair look better.  I realized after using the Superdrug Spray for a while that it is actually really sticky, so definitely not something to buy.

Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover-The cheap version of the Bourjois brand, I really like this, but I used it to remove the dark green Barry M Gelly polish and that completely ruined it.  It turned the tips of my nails green every time I used it after that which was kind of a bummer.

Boots Botanics Skin Calming Day Cream SPF 15-I really liked this moisturiser and thought I was repurchasing it, but grabbed the All Bright one instead.  I definitely like the Calming version better as it is richer and more nourishing.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream-Nice little sample, does give your skin a tingly feeling.  Not enough to see how effective it is though.

17 BB Cream-Love this bb cream, but I have so many on the go at the moment, I won’t be repurchasing.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner-I love John Frieda and this was no exception.

L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Shampoo-This sample lathered up so well and impressed me so much I went out and bought a set of the full size products, review to come.

V05 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray-Love, love and already repurchased.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub-Another staple that I have repurchased.

Soap and Glory Hand Food-I always need one of these on hand, right now I am using my full size from the Best of All gift set.

Rituals Magice Touch Hand Cream-I got this in a Glossybox, I like the Rituals brand and this was a really nice hand cream.

Whew!  If you got through all that you deserve a pat on the back.  I am just exhausted from typing this all out and will now be motivated to do these a bit more frequently before the empties (trash) start piling up!

Have you tried any of these products out?



Rimmel 9 in 1 BB Cream

I went out on my lunch hour for a Boots/Superdrug mission the other week because originally I had wanted to pick up another tube of the 17 BB Cream.  But being a beauty blogger, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try a new product or a bargain for that matter (the Rimmel BB Cream is currently on offer at Superdrug for £4.99).

2013-06-06 12.11.04This bb cream claims to prime, moisturize, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattifiy, brighten and help protect your skin.  As for priming, I did find it stays in place very well, especially in hot weather.  Some reviews complained that it got cakey around the nose and chin area, I didn’t have this problem, but I did apply a thin layer and I also powdered my t-zone with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.  Another complaint was that it gathered in pores and made them appear larger, I’ve never really had an issue with large pores so I can’t really comment on this.

It is quite sheer so you do need a concealer with it, you will see in the before and after pic, I have a lovely spot on my chin.  It didn’t really cover this and it’s not really buildable either so definitely very light coverage.  I did find it evened out my skin tone and made my face look smoother.  It is quite matte, which surprised me as I am used to the 17 BB cream which is quite dewy.  And the SPF 25 is definitely a plus for me in the summer time.

rimmelbbcreamBefore and after shot, I like that it evened out my skin, but still let my freckles come through.  I prefer lighter coverage, especially in the summer.  In comparision to the 17 BB Cream, I can’t really say I like one better than the other because they are quite different.  Overall, I really do like the Rimmel BB Cream, I have it in light and it’s a really good match for my skin tone.

2013-06-06 12.15.13One thing to mention is that it is a very thick and creamy formula (excuse my freckly veiny hand).  I applied with my fingers and it does set quickly so you do have to work fast to work it into your skin.  Despite the thick formula, it does sheer out and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.  Overall, I really like this bb cream and I’m glad I decided to give it a go.  I think it will definitely be my go to face product for the summer.

Have you tried Rimmel BB Cream?  Or are you totally over bb creams?


Product Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

About a month ago, I started to notice that my face was getting quite oily throughout my t-zone around mid day.  I had been using my beloved 17 BB Cream and more recently Dr Jart + Water Fuse BB Cream.  I really like the coverage that BB creams give, but my skin was just becoming too oily to continue using such moisturizing products.  I asked around on Twitter for a more mattifying foundation suggestion and was recommended Revlon Colorstay and Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation.  I chose the Rimmel foundation after a bit of research because Colorstay sounded a bit too cakey and heavy coverage for me.

2013-02-10 14.54.34I got the colour 100 Ivory which was a good match for my skin colour.  The formula is quite liquidy and spread easily over the skin.  I apply it with a Real Techniques buffing brush, you do have to really work it into the skin or it can look streaky with a brush.  It is one of those foundations that apply better with fingers.

The finish is semi-matte, it remains a bit dewy, not completely dull.  It sits on the skin nicely, I found with BB creams that your skin sometimes feels a bit slippery like the product never really dries.  It does last all day on me, although my chin sometimes will get a bit oily at the end of the day.  Can’t say if it lasts 25 hours or not, as I don’t require make up for that length of time 🙂

rimmel25hourThe before and after, just foundation, no concealer or powder.  It retails for £6.99 at Boots and I really love this foundation, such a good bargain in my opinion.

Have you tried Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation?  Does a foundation need to last 25 hours??


FOTD: Pints and Pool

Not a very glamourous sounding Face of the Day, but since the mister and I seldom go out, I take any chance I get to do my makeup up a bit.  I am also proud to say I had a very good game of pool this weekend (and apparently the only girl there who didn’t need coaching on how to hold a pool cue, haha!).  I apologize for the red-eye, as it was in the evening was forced to use the dreaded flash.

2013-01-26 19.39.26I was actually really happy with my hair, you may know I have the world’s flattest hair, this is the result of an upside down blow dry and a bit of hairspray!

And the products, a few favorites I haven’t talked about and my Sleek Storm palette had been neglected in favor of MUA palettes recently:

2013-01-27 11.55.02Face:

Mix of Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish (will be reviewing this, BB creams were giving me shiny face by the end of the day absolutely love this more mattifying foundation) and 17 BB Cream

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder-Still a firm favorite!

MUA Mosaic Bronzer Shade 1-No shimmer so great for contouring.

17 Blusher China Pink-Picked this up after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it in her Audrey Hepburn tutorial, great universal colour that you can be quite heavy-handed with.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer-What else is there to say about this cult favorite?


Revlone Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey-Perfect everyday colour!

2013-01-26 19.40.08


MUA Professional Eye Primer

Sleek Storm I-Divine-light Brown in crease, Gold over the lid and underneath the eye

Barry M Intense Eyeliner

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius-I’ve been using this over the Thick and Fast mascara to keep it from flaking since the mascara isn’t waterproof, works wonders!

And there you have it!

How are your pool skills?   English, American, or is it Snooker all the way?


How Much Is My Face Worth?

A little late to the party on this tag, but if you hadn’t come to the conclusion yet, that’s just how it is around here.  I’ve been meaning to do this tag for a while just because I am curious as to how much all my slap adds up to.  I’m not expecting a huge figure, I am conservative in what I spend and tend to go for budget brands.  So without further ado, here is the face:

And the products:

17 BB Cream £6.99

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder £3.99

MUA Professional Eye Primer £2.50

MUA Clear Mascara £1.00

MUA Undressed Palette £4.00 (on sale for £3 on the MUA site at the moment!)

Barry M Intense Eyeliner £3.99

Rimmel Max Volume Lash Flash £6.99

MUA Mosaic Bronzer £2.50

17 Blusher in China Pink £3.49

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick Beige Rose £7.19

And the grand total comes to:


Which is actually a bit higher than I was expecting, but when I think of how long this makeup will last/how long it has lasted, I am pretty happy with that figure.

Have you totaled up your daily look yet?  Do you think it will be higher or lower than my “face total”?


What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

As some of you may or may not know, I have just returned from a “glamping” holiday in Cornwall for my birthday.  You can read about it here on my lifestyle blog if you are curious as to what glamping entails, we had an amazing time!  Anyway, this is what I brought with me makeup wise.  It is quite minimal, but what I deemed necessary for the type of holiday I was on (don’t really need to get too tarted up for exploring the beaches or having dinner in a pub).

The makeup bag itself is super old and I bought it from ELF years ago, I had a look and they don’t even offer the make anymore (the zip is a bit corroded, really need to look into getting a new one!).

Face Products:

17 BB Cream-Love this BB cream and it contains SPF so perfect for being outdoors!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer-Everyone’s holy grail concealer, worked a treat for covering up those dark circles after nights of drinking too much wine while stargazing.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder-My favorite face powder, great for setting makeup and keeping your skin matte.

MUA Mosaic Bronzer-This bronzer is lovely and can also be used as a blush, great versatile product to take along.

Eye Products:

MUA Professional Eye Primer-Great budget eye primer, not really necessary for camping, but it’s small so I took it along!

MUA Clear Mascara-Another great cheap product to keep my unruly brows in place.

Rimmel Max Volume Lash Flash Mascara-My mascara of choice at the moment, doesn’t give spider lashes.

MUA Undressed Palette-I love this palette and use it almost every day, a palette is great for travel because you can create many looks without fiddling around with individual shadows.  This also doubles up as brow powder as well as one of the matte browns match my eyebrows.

Lip Products:

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain Rendezvous-My new favorite lip product/shade.

Burberry Beauty Lipmist-This was a sample from a Glossybox and I brought it in case I wanted a bit more muted shade.


Eyelash Curler

ELF Blending Brush-Great versatile brush for applying eyeshadow, works for covering lid, applying in crease, browbone, and blending out.

ELF Stippling Brush-I used this for my bronzer.

ELF Kabuki Brush-I use this to apply powder and blend out makeup.

I hope that was helpful, my makeup case is rather small and I still managed to fit everything I need to “do my face” with room to spare.

What products do you bring for short holidays?


FOTD: Featuring MUA Undressed

Hello folks!  Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine today(total blogger moment this morning, first thought was, it’s sunny, better take photos!)!  I am lucky enough to have the day off and spent a good majority of the afternoon sipping lemonade in the garden with a book!  Of course, I got all dolled up to do so, here’s my face of the day:

This is pretty much my everyday makeup look now that I have bought/been using my MUA Undressed Palette, which I absolutely love by the way.  And if you don’t have it yet, why not?  It’s £4 and it’s amazing!

And the makeup I used:


Vichy Dermablend Sample in Porcelain (I used this instead of concealer, not really a fan, didn’t blend very easily)

17 BB Cream (Love!)

MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Shade 1

17 Blusher First Flush


ELF Eyelid Primer

MUA Clear Mascara (for my brows)

MUA Undressed Palette (Shade 2 over the lid, Shade 4 in crease and outer third, Shade 10 in crease and under eye, Shade 1 on brow bone)

Rimmel Max Volume Lash Flash


Burberry Beauty Lip Mist in Copper (from Glossybox)

And there you have it!  My new everyday makeup look!

What is your go to makeup look?  Do you think England will have an actual summer now that this jet stream business has shifted?