Hello and welcome to ANOTHER beauty blog!  Now, what makes this blog different from all the other beauty blogs that seem to keep cropping up all over the interwebs lately?

I’m hoping to give you a different take from someone who does not think that it is necessarily ok to shell out £36 on a bronzer or can’t leave the house without putting on a full face of slap.  While I love the idea of embracing my inner makeup artist, execution does not always take place.  I love researching makeup and reading reviews and trying new looks, but with a more, what I like to think of as, a realistic approach.

As far as who I am, I’m a 25 year old with a degree in marketing.  I’m married to amazing man who I travelled all the way from the states(Minnesota to be exact) to be with.  I love the outdoors and always order a beer when I go out.  I love browsing beauty blogs on the internet as well as watching Youtube channels.

Please check out my other blog here if you’d like to get a better feel for my personal life!  Happy reading!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I can’t even comprehend paying £36 for a bronzer, you could get 10 of them for that price! This sounds like the perfect blog for me and I love all you reviews of the MUA products and Montange Jeunesse face masks as I use them on a regular basis and completely agree. Thank you!

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