The Problem with “Tea Detoxes”

Tea detoxes have been around for a little while now, but recently they seem to be cropping up on blogs and all over the internet.  Which is really concerning to me as these companies are basically promoting laxatives to a target market the consists of young girls/women.  I think the issue is that bloggers/people who are promoting these products don’t realise that it’s a dangerous product because it’s tea.  Bloggers love tea.  Tea is natural and healthy.  What’s the problem?

Being Natural Doesn’t Mean Safe/Healthy

Senna leaf which is an ingredient in most of these tea detoxes, is a non-prescription laxative.  What this ingredient does is irritate the stomache lining which can lead to stomach cramps and diarrhea.  Lovely!  Using for more than two weeks can cause heart problems, liver damage and abnormal bowel function.  Overuse/abuse of laxatives is also a symptom of disordered eating which is why I am starting to get irate about the fact that young girls are being peddled this crap.

What’s the Point?

Another thing about these tea detoxes that annoys me to no end, “Use in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet”.  If you are eating a balanced diet, what’s the point of the tea?  Eating a healthy diet will allow you to lose, weight, decrease bloating, give you energy, etc.  All of the things tea detoxes claim to do.  These claims which don’t actually have to be proven as tea detoxes are a dietary supplement so the companies can basically slap whatever they like on the box.

Your Body is “Self Cleansing”

Your body is an amazing thing and doesn’t need to be “detoxed” or “cleansed”.  As long as you don’t have health issues which prevent it from doing so, your body detoxes itself.  As long as you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, your aren’t building up full of toxins, demons, etc.  And if you are eating a bunch of junk, some tea that makes you poop (and possibly worse) is not going undo the effects of an unhealthy diet.

End of rant.  Please don’t take my word on this either.  Do your own research, especially when considering taking any sort of dietary supplement, juice cleanse, detox, or any of these other fad “quick fixes”.




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