My First Time Epilating

I hadn’t really considered epilating as process of hair removal ever.  I typically just shave, have dabbled in home waxing with fairly disastrous results, but typically it’s the trusty razor.  After watching this Lilly Pebbles youtube video about hair removal, I became intrigued.  Some of the attractive benefits of epilating are less frequent hair removal and your hair growing back thinner and finer than with shaving.  I started researching epilators and decided to give it a go.

2015-05-31 10.55.46

First off, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on an epilator, some of them do range up to £100+ just in case I didn’t like it.  I ended up purchasing the Philips Satinelle HP6423/02, which had good reviews and was reasonably priced at £32.50.  It comes with a shaving attachment and comb attachment, which is fine for me.  Some of the epilators you can purchase have a ton of different attachments, but I didn’t really feel that was necessary for myself.  This is a dry use epilator only and it’s corded, but I haven’t really found that to be an issue.  It has two speeds, I always use it on the high speed, but you can use the lower setting if it’s too painful at first.

2015-05-31 10.56.25

And on to my experience using the epilator on my legs:

-I shaved my legs two days before using it, you won’t get all the hair on your first go, but it will be a lot less painful.

-Exfoliate before and after epilating, I use Lush’s Buffy Bar for this and it works great.  This prevents ingrown hairs, epilated hair grows back thinner and weaker and has difficulty coming through the skin so its important to exfoliate.

-Shower or take a bath before you use your epilator to soften the hair, but make sure your legs are completely dry before epilating.

-I just did my lower legs the first time I used it, I have a pretty high pain threshold and I didn’t really find it painful.  It was just more of an odd sensation?

-Some people do get really red and spotty after epilating so bear that in mind if you are going to be having your legs on display, you might want to give it a day or two.  My legs actually looked fine afterwards so your mileage may vary.

-I waited another two days and did my legs again (lower and upper legs this time) to catch the hairs that were too short first time around and now they are pretty smooth so will probably wait 4-5 days now to do them again.

Overall, I was really happy with how the epilator worked for my legs and definitely will continue to use it.

2015-05-31 10.56.57

Now onto underarms, this didn’t go quite as smoothly as the legs did:

-The first time I used my epilator on my underarms, I was pushing it way to hard into the skin and had really sore armpits because of this.  You want the epilator to glide over the skin, you don’t need to push it down.

-I tried again about two days later after I realized what I was doing wrong and it worked a lot better.

-You need to make sure the skin is really taut so hold you arm above your head to stretch the skin tight as possible.

-I found that it did miss a few hairs so I just plucked these out with a tweezers.

-Unlike my legs, my underarms were sore and red for about a day.

Overall, I’m really happy with how epilating has been going so far and will be continuing to use my epilator.  It’s is very satisfying to see all the hairs plucked from your body, haha!  Also, no more scratchy razor stubble and it should save money in the long run as well, not having to purchase razor cartridges, shaving cream, etc.

Have you ever tried epilating before?  How do you keep your skin smooth (if you choose to do so) for summer?


2 thoughts on “My First Time Epilating

  1. When I epilated for the first time I felt so much pain. I didn’t know that there were numbing creams to buy, or even pills to take or cooling gels to apply on a certain area. I had some epilators in my life, but the best one for me was and stil is Braun Silk Epil. At this time I have the latest model, which is 9, released on the market last year.

  2. oof! I tried epilating like this last year and I could barely hold it on to my leg for a second- never mind my underarms! I must have a really low pain threshold hehe…in any case you go girl!

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