Top Products of 2014!

Happy New Year ladies!  Have you managed to crawl into the land of the living yet?  I’ve just made it…barely.  I will be spending the remainder of the day on the sofa, eating junk food (anyone else become a bottomless pit when they’re hung over?), and pondering why traditional New Year’s Eve activities make sure you start off the first day of the year feeling like absolute shit!  While reflecting on the past year, here are some of the products that I used and abused the most (if you want to check out my 2013 favorites, you can find them here)  If I have done a review, I’ll link the product name!

2015-01-01 15.03.24

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Autumn Collection-I absolutely fell in love with the Autumn Collection of the Gelly polishes from Barry M.  The colours were perfection and the formula rocks, what more could you want?7

Superdrug Hydrating Face Mask-I actually had a nice thick layer of this stuff on today, trying to give some life back into my dehydrated post-drinking skin.  This is a great, affordable mask that will give you a serious moisture boost!

Soap and Glory’s The Scrub of Your Life-I actually have like 3 of these kicking around, but had always favoured the other Soap and Glory scrub offerings (Flake Away, Sugar Crush, etc) and these little babies got a bit neglected.  That is until a few months back when I decided I try using up some of my stash, I was seriously impressed.  This scrub is a thick gel that has little scrubby beads in it, it smells like the trademark Soap and Glory “pink” scent and it makes your skin soft without being too harsh.  A firm favorite now!

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette-I have seen Makeup Revolution featuring in a lot of favourites of 2014 posts and with good reason too!  I’ve used this palette almost every day since I bought it.  It is “flawless”, as a neutral eyeshadow lover, this has everything you could want with highly pigmented shadows.

Seventeen Falsifeye HD! Mascara-After hearing Fleur rave about this mascara, I picked it up and haven’t looked back since.  The wand is awesome, it literally separates every lash and gives you amazing length!  I can’t stand traditional bristle brushes after using this mascara because I feel that they just clump my eye lashes together.

29 High Street Perfume-My favourite perfume find of the year, is pretty much the essence of LUSH and a sweet memento of my gorgeous LUSH massage.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm Not An Illusion-I love lip crayons and this is a particularly good one.  I’ve worn this for work everyday since I bought it, it’s just a nice “your lips, but better colour”.  And it smells like vanilla cupcakes.

Tresemme Texture Style Divine Definition Spray-Love this stuff, it has join the ranks of my beloved Got2B 2 Sexy Big Volume Hairspray in terms of never being without a can on hand.  It’s supposed to be a dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray at a fraction of the price.

What are your favourite product finds of 2014?  How are you faring your first day of 2015?




2 thoughts on “Top Products of 2014!

  1. I really want to try some of the Make Up Revolution products! The shadows look amazing, but the nearest counter is at the train station!

    • I had to buy mine online because at the time, we didn’t have their products in shops yet. It was a pain to be honest because they only accept Paypal accounts, I have one, but it was registered when I lived in the states so it wasn’t working. Used the husband’s account in the end, but yeah, I do wish their products were more accesible!

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