Winter Warmers: Radox Muscle Therapy

I originally bought this Radox Muscle Therapy while I was doing the 30 Day Shred to see if it helped with my sore muscles.  Well, I kind of gave up on the 30 Day Shred after Level 2 (bad Mandy), but will probably try to get back into it after the holiday season.  So while I was lacking the sore muscles, I still gave this a go because as much as I would like to use LUSH products for every bathing experience, it can get a bit pricey!

2014-11-09 12.30.56Definitely budget friendly, I think I paid £1 for this bottle from Asda.  It contains stimulating black pepper and ginseng.  It has a very masculine scent to it, so that’s something to consider if you’re into more fruity or floral scents.  It does create tons of bubbles and because of the price tag you can be quite generous with it.  I can’t really comment on if it relaxes muscles, it’s hard to tell if it does anything more than a soak in the tub on its own would do.

Overall, it’s a nice product, maybe a good idea for a stocking stuffer if you know any guys who like to soak in the tub occasionally.

Have you tried any Radox bath soaks?  What’s your favorite winter bubble bath?



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