Shredtober Diary: Level One

At the beginning of October it seemed like everyone was giving up smoking or drinking for Stoptober.  I don’t smoke and didn’t fancy giving up alcohol so I decided to do the 30 Day Shred as my October thing.  I have been meaning to exercise more so this seemed like the perfect way to kickstart that!  My goal is to do the Shred 5 times a week, giving myself two “off” days.  You’re not actually meant to do this everyday according to Jillian Michaels which seems to be a common misconception.

I am really picky about exercising, mostly to be honest, because I’m lazy and like doing other things better.  So my requirements are that is must be around 20 minutes, no longer, preferably a video to follow along with (I need some entertainment!), and not require a gym, I hate the gym.  The 30 Day Shred seemingly fulfills all these.


The Equipment:  You need a mat and some weights.  I have this mat from Amazon which is awesome, it’s thick and squishy and perfect on my wood floor.  For weights, I used two tins of beans the first night.  Then we ate them.  So I have two filled up water bottles so you can improvise if you don’t actually have hand weights.

Level 1

What I found easy: Crunches, ab workout.  I have a fairly strong core from doing Pilates so I can crunch like nobody’s business.

What I found difficult-Push ups for a minute, I have zero arm muscle, this was killer.

Day 1-It was hard, I got sweaty, I moaned and groaned, but I made it through,

Day 2-More difficult than Day 1 because my entire body ached!

Rest Day-Friend coming round to hang out after work so took the night off to stuff my face with pizza!

At this point, I was having trouble sleeping at night because I’m sore and achey and can’t get comfortable.  Hopefully, as I continue, the soreness will go and I will sleep better.

Day 3-Tackled with a bit less enthusiasm than the first 2 days.  I noticed that my right knee has started clicking, reading up and quite a few people experience knee problems with this work out.  Going to try to take it a bit easier on “hard on the knees” moves as I really don’t want to give up already!

Day 4-After doing some research, jumping jacks are not good for bad knees so I jogged in place, pumping my arms instead at those parts.  I was also very careful not to bring my knees forward during the lunges and lateral lunges.  I wore shoes as well as I had been doing it barefoot.  My knee was a bit sore afterward, had a soak in the tub with some muscle relaxing bath oil.  It is starting to feel a bit easier, I didn’t feel like I was dying by the end of it and definitely not as sore and achey.

Rest Day-Working a late at work and I am not a morning exercise person!

Day 5-Was really good today and squeezed in a workout after I got home and before we met friends for dinner!

Day 6-Bit hard to get into it tonight, but still felt really good afterwards!

Day 7-The cardio at the beginning kind of left me out of breath, but once I got to the second circuit started getting some more energy.

Rest Day-Wine and movie night with the mister!

Day 8-I’m getting a little afraid to tackle Level 2 because Level 1 is still leaving me out of breath and sweaty, no more knee problems though!  I read that your knees can hurt doing strenuous exercise if your leg muscles aren’t strong enough (obviously this doesn’t apply if you have actual knee injuries/chronic knee problems) so hopefully my leg muscles have strengthened up now!

Day 9-Much of the same, out of breath during the beginning cardio, but starts to get easier towards the last half!

Rest Day

Day 10-My last day on Level 1!  I was too lazy to put my tennis shoes on so I will see if my knees hurt again tomorrow or not.  I still have been running in place instead of doing the jumping jacks though.

Recap of Level 1

Overall, this was relatively easy after the first few times and the soreness had gone.  I did need to do a few modifications because of the knee pain, but it’s gone now so those have worked!  I actually looked forward to doing the Shred once I got into the swing of it, I think the 2 rest days a week really worked well for me.  The 20 minutes really do fly by!  I am a little apprehensive to attempt Level 2, but looking forward to some new moves!  I have taken a before picture, and I will take one after each level, not sure if I will post them yet, it just seems a bit unnecessary as everyone will have different results, but I know it is interesting to see how others have done!

Have you tried the 30 Day Shred?  Giving up anything for October?


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