Seventeen Mascara Showdown: Back Lash vs Falsifeye!

I seem to have an abundance of mascaras at the moment.  It feels like every time I got to Boots or Superdrug, they’re always on offer as free with purchase.  You’ve already heard me rave about the Seventeen Falsifeye HD! mascara here and now I have another one to bring to the table, Seventeen Back Lash, which claims to give 100% greater lash impact.  What that means, I don’t really know.  But I can tell you how the two measured up.

2014-09-28 12.00.07

As far as packaging, I think I prefer the Back Lash, it looks a bit sleeker and the silver packaging is lovely.  And shiny.  Back Lash retails for £6.49 (but was on offer as free with two items) and Falsifeye for £6.99.

As far as what’s in the tubes, Back Lash claims to give you volume, length and definition, while Falsifeye pretty much promises all those things as well with long lasting results.

seventeenmascaraTop is Falsifeye, with the plastic brush, it is a lot easier to get close to the roots and grab the small corner lashes.  I also found that the Falsifeye made my lashes look thicker and a bit longer than the Back Lash.

I was really surprised when I first applied the Back Lash mascara, as it is quite a thin formula.  Good for definition, but it would be really difficult to build up much volume.  The brush it also quite fat and hard to get into the corners.  I think the Back Lash would be better for a more natural look, which is a bit unexpected considering the claims on this product.

Overall, I think the Falsifeye HD! mascara wins, mainly down to the brush and also the volume.

Have you tried either of these mascaras?



2 thoughts on “Seventeen Mascara Showdown: Back Lash vs Falsifeye!

    • Ah, haven’t tried that yet, I did see your post on it 🙂 Might have to wait a bit, have quite a stash of mascaras at the moment! x

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