Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

I lusted after these brushes for a while, I knew I shouldn’t buy them.  I have enough brushes and am quite happy that they all suit their purpose quite well.  There were no holes in my brush collection that needed filling.  So I asked for the Duo Fiber brushes for my birthday and I did receive.

And to be honest, I haven’t really found a good use for them.  I wanted to love these brushes, but like many reviews I’ve read, they’re just a bit meh.

First off, they are very, very thin.  Not at all like their Real Techniques counterparts with their densely packed brushes.  And they just feel a bit flimsy.

2014-09-06 15.48.38The Face Brush-I did find a use for this after seeing Ruth Crilly proclaim this as her favorite bronzing brush.  It is good for applying all over bronzer.  Just don’t overload the brush or the sparse bristles will literally draw lines on your face.

The Contour Brush-This brush doesn’t pick up enough product to contour with, it does however work to apply a highlighter.  I prefer my ELF small stipple brush for that though.  Emily Noel uses this brush to remove fall out from under her eyes after applying eyeshadow.  Which does work, but I wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy a brush just for that job…

The Eye Brush-This is probably the most worthless brush in the collection.  It doesn’t pick up or blend product so not really sure what your supposed to do with.  Maybe dust between your keyboard keys.

So that’s kind of 2/3 which ain’t bad, I suppose.  But seriously, if anyone has any groundbreaking uses for these brushes, please let me know!  They do look really pretty with the rest of my collection though…

What’s was the last thing you  bought/asked for that you didn’t really need?


4 thoughts on “Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting this collection, mostly for the one brush you don’t seem to like haha, I’ve heard it’s very similar to the Laura Mercier eye finishing brush, which a lot of people use for either setting under eye concealer, or using it to blend out their under eye concealer. Too bad though you’re not in love with the brushes.

    • See, I use my ring finger to pat on my concealer so I don’t really need a setting brush for it, but if it’s something you do, then I can see why you would like the this collection! xx

  2. Real Techniques are my favorite brushes, and I had been lusting after this collection for a while…but now, I think maybe I don’t need them. So thanks! lol 🙂 Too bad they aren’t as great as the others.

    • Yeah, I love their other brushes, the Core Collection is my favorite! These just seem a bit unecessary with the other brushes in the line…

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