Seventeen Falsifeye HD! Mascara

I first heard about this mascara when Fleur was raving about it on her Youtube channel.  I’ve always been a fan of the 17 brand and feel that it is a bit overlooked in the makeup world.  I love their nail polishes, bb cream, blushers, and so I was well up for trying out a new mascara from this affordable brand.

PicMonkey CollageThe brush is very separating, it almost tickles when you use it because you can get so close to the roots.  It’s not like the bristle brushes that kind of clump your lashes together, this brush gets right in between each and every one!  Because of this, it is great for using on the lower lashes as well.

2014-09-07 12.39.23And take a look at that!  This is with one coat and you can easily layer this mascara up without it clumping.  Please excuse the brows, they’ve been about as neglected as this blog has been lately 😉

Over all this is a huge winner for me, I am so impressed with the formula, not too dry or too wet.  It’s perfect and gives such dramatic results.  There was an offer on at the time when I purchased this that you got the Backlash mascara for free, I will review that soon and see how it stands up to the Falsifeye HD!

Have you tried out the new Falsifeye HD! mascara?  What do you think of Seventeen, great bargain brand or better suited to teenagers?



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