NOTD: 17 Polka Dots Black and Blue Mix

After trying out and loving the L’Oreal Confetti Topcoat, when I saw the 17 Polka Dots Nail Effect polishes at Boots, I had to pick one up.  I went for the Black and Blue mix because I thought the colours looked a bit unusual with the primary colours effect.  When I got it home though I did have the dilemma of what polish I should layer it over.  In the end, I went for 17 Gel nail polish in Mocha (these polishes are amazing, reminiscent of Barry M Gelly Polish btw).

2014-09-13 13.05.57I had to put about 3 coats of the Polka Dots topcoat on and it was a bit difficult to get the dots on evenly.  I’m pretty “Go big or go home” when it comes to these kinds of topcoats.  You have to kind of dab it on rather than paint it on.

2014-09-23 13.41.22Overall, I really liked the look of this topcoat and I don’t have anything like it my collection!  I hated removing it though, it seems like all your polish comes off except for the litte dots which then need to be scraped off.  They also will destroy those sponge in a pot type polish removers as a word of forewarning.

What’s your favorite kind of decorative topcoat?  What colour would you pair with the Black and Blue mix?


Leave me a comment, I love reading them and will try to reply to each one!

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