First Impressions: Tresemme Thermal Recovery

I recently got a full head of highlights done and although I loved the look of it, my very fine hair did feel a bit damaged afterwards and was definitely in need of some TLC.  It wasn’t too noticeable when dry, but when I was washing my hair, it felt like one big clump instead of nice, silky strands.

I wanted a hair mask that was effective and not too expensive so I picked up the Tresemme Thermal Recovery intense Repair and Rehydration because that is exactly what my hair needed.  I also really like the Tresemme brand and I got this whopping tub for only £3!

2014-08-06 12.58.12

First off, this is huge, it’s 500 ml!  It’s going to last ages!  It has aloe in it and smells lovely and fresh.  It does state it is specifically for heat damaged hair, but it seems to be working fine on my colour damaged hair as well.  It has a nice thick texture, no runny hair masks for me!

The directions suggest using this once a week, but due to the state of my hair, I’ve used it two days in a row now.  After the first use, I could immediately tell the difference after rinsing it out.  And when I used it the second time, my hair didn’t have that “clumpy” feeling any more.  It already feels a lot silkier and healthier.  I did use it all over my head as well, not just ears down since I wanted to cover all my highlights.

So far this is a winner for me!  The price, size and effectiveness are all amazing, a real bargain!

What is your favorite hair mask?  How often do you treat yourself to a hair mask?


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