Sunburn Savior: LUSH’s Dream Cream

Having just come back from a lovely week-long holiday in Fuerteventura (read about it here if you like), my skin is in dire need of hydration.  My complexion does not lend itself to tanning well at all.

I don’t tan, I burn and get freckly.  Despite my best efforts of slathering in SPF 50 sun cream, I still managed to get some weird patches of sun burn.  I gave up laying out halfway through the holiday and enjoyed the heat from the shade of a parasol for the remainder of the trip.

2014-05-19 12.04.17

To ease the pain and prevent myself from shedding like a snake, I have been slathering on copious amounts of LUSH’s Dream Cream.  This is a lovely, cooling cream that is suitable for sensitive skin and feels great to soothe sunburns.

It’s thicker than a lotion, but not quite as thick as a body butter.  It does have a slightly greasy texture.  It does have a very strong herbal scent, mostly like lavender, so if that’s not your thing you might want to steer clear.  Beside lavender oil, it also contains skin softening oat milk, rose absolute, and fair trade cocoa butter.

dreamcreamThis will definitely be part of my daily routine until my sunburn has healed and gone.

Do you turn into a bronze goddess in the sun or are you a pale gal that can’t take the heat?  What’s your favorite after sun product?




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