Primark Summer Haul!

I am leaving to go to Fuerteventura soon with the hubby for a week-long stay at an all-inclusive resort and can’t wait!  It will probably be our last proper holiday before we become home owners and can’t afford to take holiday anymore.  I decided to pick up a few holiday essentials in Primark today.  Sometimes, I absolutely hate Primark, everything looks ugly, can’t find anything to my taste and sometimes, I WANT EVERYTHING!  Today was an “I want everything” day, but I managed to restrain myself, but there is some cute and reasonably priced summer stuff in there now!  I think Primark do summer clothing a lot better than winter, so definitely worth a look if you haven’t been to Primark in a while.

2014-04-22 16.47.49Maxi Dress-£10, I’ve always wanted a maxi dress to wear in the summer, but I either looked like I was wearing a sausage casing or a tent.  This is a nice in between, it’s fitted, but not so fitted that every lump and bump shows.  The tie around the waist also gives it a bit of definition.  The print is a bit loud, but I think it will be perfect for holiday or at the beach.

Green Patterned Tank Top-£5, I have two of these tanks tops from last year and I love them.  They are a bit drapey are longer in the back with a key hole and some ruffling down the center of the back.  They are very flattering and comfortable.  They also can be dressed up a bit with some dark skinny jeans and a black cardigan for chillier evenings.

Blue/Orange Patterned Tank Top-£5, this top has a different back than the first, but still same concept.  Super comfy and flowy and also can be dressed up a bit.  I would love to have 20 of these and would wear them all summer long.

Red Bikini-£4, So Primark bikinis aren’t the best quality, I bought once last year and it’s faded a bit in the sun and looks a bit worn, but at £4 you can’t really go wrong.  This has really cute detail on the lining.

Orange Aztec Print Bikini-£4, And at that price, why not get 2 or 3?  I thought this was really fun, the red is definitely more for the mister and this one is totally me!

Sandals-£10, I needed some new footwear that wouldn’t slide off my feet (I bought some Primark sandals last year that didn’t stay on very well).  These are much more secure on the foot and won’t slide around with the backing.  They are somewhat dressy (holiday dressy, haha!) so should be able to wear in the day and evening.

And there you have it folks!  Believe me, I could have purchased a ton more, but I had to exhibit some restraint.

Anything in Primark catch your fancy lately?  What are your holiday clothing staples?



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