TLC Tag!

Saw Ingrid and Becky do this tag on TalkBeckyTalk Channel and thought I’d give it a whirl.  I do try to give myself a little extra TLC during the colder months.  My skin seems extra temperamental and if I don’t take care of it spots, itchy scalp, and dry skin all seem to crop up!  So here are the extra luxurious and rich products I like to use to treat myself to a little TLC!

2014-01-29 12.28.22

Hands-I am never without my Hand Food.  This is the perfect answer to dry hands, it’s non-greasy and smells delicious.  A firm favorite.

Hair-Recently, I’ve been using the John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion Serum before drying my hair.  This is in addition to my normal heat protectant and I have been noticing a significant difference in the ends of my hair.

Body-The Righteous Butter is a lovely thick body butter.  This is perfect to slather on after a bath before getting into your jim jams.

Lips-Another item I never leave home without is my eos Lip Balm in Pomegranate, keeps my lips protected and moisturised.

Eyes-This was an easy one because it’s the only eye cream I use and its Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream!  Cheap and does the trick.

Skin-For those days when my skin is feeling extra dry, I pat on some Lush Skin Shangri La before I go to bed.  Super rich, definitely not for day time wear, but a perfect hydrating night cream.

Drink-Cold winter evenings call for Twinings Camomile and Spiced Apple tea, perfect as it contains no caffeine and tastes delicious!

I’m no good at these tags so I tag all of you!  Leave me your link in the comments if you do this tag!

What are your favorite products for some extra TLC?  Favorite winter warmer?




2 thoughts on “TLC Tag!

  1. I too suffer from hydration issues during the winter months! It’s been especially bitter and cold here in Massachusetts, well really the entire US since the “polar vortex” keeps dipping down from Canada!

    I don’t know if you know of Bag Balm? Might be a New England thing. It’s a super thick petroleum jelly kind of substance, linseed oil and all that. Makes a great lip treatment overnight, and I’ve even slathered it on super dry patches of skin like elbows, knees, even feet etc with great results.

    I am also loving St. Ives lotions – right now I have two of them in rotation; 24 Hour Deep Restoring in Almond Oil scent and Fresh Hydration in Citrus Scent. The latter has the continuous spray nozzle which is great in the mornings to spray on before I layer up in sweaters and tights, helps beat the itch factor! I also have a J.R. Watkins lotion I got on clearance over the summer in Lemon Cream which I tend to throw in my pocketbook for on the go moisturizing. Can you tell I love lotions? 🙂

    I’m on the lookout currently for a daily facial moisturizer with SPF in it that won’t make me break out/excacerbate my rosacea (tried Olay recently with disasterous results!) Any recommendations for a States brand?

    Also, have you tried any of the body oils for moisturizing purposes? I have a Target brand body oil that I put on after bath/shower, really seals in moisture!

    PS – gonna look for that tea around here! Right now, I am drinking a Chai Green Tea put out by Stash.

  2. Ooo, I do not miss that cold! It wasn’t so bad when I was in Minnesota over Christmas (-20 was the coldest, right before the polar vortex!).

    I have heard of Bag Balm, I’ve never seen it in the UK though.That spray St. Ives lotion sounds lovely! Think Vaseline do something similar.

    I really liked Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with SPF 15, that was what I used all the time before I moved to the UK. I think you can get it here, but I really love my Boots Ultra Calm cream.

    I have tried a body oil, got one in a Glossybox. They’re nice, but a bit too much faffing around for me. I always pour out too much and feel greasy for ages, nice after a bath once in awhile though!

    The Twinings tea is delicious, Chai Green Tea sounds lovely as well, I’ve had normal chai and chilli chai, but not chai green tea!

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