3 Steps to Younger Skin!

As I am nearing the dreaded “30”, creeping closer to the end of the glorious 20’s, I’ve been thinking more about skin care and keeping my skin looking young.  Whether this means drinking more water, a heavy-duty moisturiser, or even spa treatments, there are many ways to keep a young and fresh appearance.

Dublin Vitality Center (http://www.dublinvitalitycenter.com) has come up with a non surgical solution to beat the 3 signs of aging because not everyone wants to go under the knife! The exclusive programme known as ” 3 Steps To Younger Skin Programme” combines microdermabrasion, skin needling, and diathermy.  The top layer of skin is rejuvenated with microdermabrasion (http://www.younger.ie) followed by a deeper treatment of skin needling which removes deep wrinkles, acne scars and furrows
in the middle layer.

As a final step, the skin undergoes a one-off red vein blasting treatment to instantly remove those unsightly red veins around the nose and cheeks that often come with age. (http://www.redveinremovaldublin.ie).

This treatment is available exclusively from Dublin Vitality Center.  And this treatment is not only great for the ladies who want to rejuvenate, but just as great for guys who might be looking a little older than they feel!

In addition to skin, Dublin Vitality Center can also help your smile.   Most of us enjoy our daily cup of coffee or tea, but those cups add up over the years and that’s quite a bit of staining to discolour your pearly whites. Dublin Vitality Center offers the very latest Zero Peroxide laser teeth whitening (www.laserteethwhiteningdublin.com).

What do you think ladies?  Would you ever get one of these treatments done?  Once the greatest lengths you’ve gone to maintain younger looking skin?




2 thoughts on “3 Steps to Younger Skin!

  1. I may be a minority in this, but I’d never consider any anti-age skin treatments 😉 I even refuse to buy anti-age skin care, because I truly believe it does absolutely nothing, except load your skin with questionable chemicals. I refuse to jump on that money-sucking “be afraid to get wrinkles, be very afraid!!” cosmetics industry wagon.

    Drink more water? Good sleep? Stress-control? Hell yeah! That I believe in!

    • I tend to agree with you, I think if treatments make you feel good, go for it. But I do think its better just to take care of yourself through lifestyle more than anything. And when I worry about getting older, it mainly due to things I want to see/do yet! x

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