New Year 2014 Resolutions

It seems the new trend is not making actual New Year resolutions, while still sort of half making resolutions so you don’t feel bad when you don’t follow through.  I looked back and I only made 3 resolutions last year here.  How did I do?

Cleanse Properly-Nope, now instead of using wipes, I use micellar solution.  Fail.

Exercise-Sort of, I don’t really do Zumba, but I do walk to and from work now which gives me a good bit of exercise.

Save Money-This was probably the most successful of the 3 as the mister and I are actually now looking to purchase a house in the very near future.

And what about this year, maybe I’ll go for 3 again for consistency’s sake…

Save Money-Hopefully we’ll have the house soon enough, but living in furnished flats since the start of our relationship means that the mister and I have very little of our own furnishings.  Things like cutlery, A BED, general decor, and the like will all need to be purchased.  To save money, I really want to start bringing my own lunches to work, I am pretty bad about this now.  It’s too easy to treat yourself to a Marks and Spencer lunch when you’re having a bad work week and those £4 lunches add up.

Get My Driver’s License-Now I have been driving since I was 15, but that was in states.  I have a US license and still drive there when we visit, but it’s not valid in the UK and I have to start from scratch to get a UK license.  Which means driving lessons, theory test, and the like.  I am worried about this and have been putting it off because I have always driven an automatic.  In the UK, you can get automatics, but they are more expensive and most people drive manuals (including my husband).  So I really need to learn how to drive a manual.  Wish me luck on this one people because I’m scared!

Be Healthier-This encompasses a whole multitude of things, I want to start doing Pilates again which I kind of gave up over the holiday run up.  I also want to drink more water and take vitamins.  I want to keep my hair in healthier condition because I’d like to grow it out longer.  So just generally be more health conscious!

Have you made any New Year resolutions?  How did you do on last year’s?


2 thoughts on “New Year 2014 Resolutions

  1. I loooooved my old stick shift – I told my hubby that when my car craps out, I am getting a stick again!!! It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it, promise!

    As for resolutions…save money is a big one as we would like to get a house in the new few years! Have you seen the 52 week money challenge? Google it – it seems pretty do-able!

    • Yeah, I think I am making it out to be harder than it is, will just have to go for it!

      I haven’t seen it, will definitely check it out! Happy New Year btw! 🙂 x

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