Beauty Bargain Alert: Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream

I have a confession to make.  I never used eye creams until I subscribed to Glossybox and started receiving samples.  Then I cancelled my Glossybox subscription, ran out of my samples and stopped using eye cream again.  I figured my eye skin can’t be all that different from the rest of my face so my face cream should take care of everything.  My husband has quite a few opinions on this as I found out when I had a minor freak out at him for gleefully washing his face with our Original Source Shower gel.  The exchange went a bit like this:

“Oh my god, that’s so bad for your skin!!!”


“It will dry it out, its not for your face!”

“Well, you make me use a moisturizer so that should take of the that.”

“It’s not for your face skin though!”

“Geeze, the beauty market really has you over a barrel don’t they?  Oooo, don’t use this on your skin, it’s will age you 60 years in one go, oh no….”

And so on, to be fair, the ingredients of Original Source Shower gel are quite similar at a glance to those in my Neutrogena Grapefruit face scrub, but I digress.  I have been convinced by the beauty world if I don’t use a separate eye cream to my face cream, my eye skin will be as wrinkled as a newborn Sharpei by my early thirties.  So I picked up this little gem at Boots the other day, it won’t break the bank and will give you peace of mind, the Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream with SPF 15.

2013-11-06 11.44.18

I love this stuff, it retails for £2.54!  It is thick and nourishing, yet sinks into the skin easily.  I pat this under my eyes in the morning before applying my usual face cream, giving it a few minutes to sink in first, usually while I brush my teeth.

2013-11-06 11.44.57It is gentle and the SPF is an added bonus.  I can’t say that I can see a difference as I am using it as a preventative rather to treat existing wrinkles, but overall it is a really nice eye cream and I am interested in trying other products from the Vitamin E range.

Have you tried any products from the Boots Vitamin E range?  Is all skin created equal or are these masses of products specific to an area really necessary?



Leave me a comment, I love reading them and will try to reply to each one!

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