November ELF Haul!

I haven’t had a haul from ELF in a while and when I saw that they were having a 50% off discount last weekend, I had to do it.  Items from ELF can be a bit hit and miss, but I was quite pleased with the majority of the items I ordered.  With the prices you pay, especially with a 50% discount (never buy from ELF without a discount, they will always have a discount eventually), it’s not a total loss if a few items don’t work out.

2013-11-10 09.49.31This time around, I got a few items I haven’t tried before, but have heard bloggers raving about and I also added some items to help with my neglected eyebrow routine and some coral colours!

The Corals:

coralsELF Studio Blush Candid Coral-The packaging of the Studio Line blushes is reminiscent of Nars packaging and this little beauty is a gem.  Can you believe I don’t own any coral blushes?  The little mirror is a nice touch as well.

ELF Lipstick Captivating-I am a big fan of ELF lipstick lately, they last a good amount of time and have a really nice scent.  The only thing to be wary of is that the colours are not true to the swatches on the website.  Also if you order two lipsticks in the same shade at different times, the colour is not always consistent.  Captivating is a lovely coral though (this time)!

2013-11-10 09.59.29ELF Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush-Just picked one of these up as I don’t actually own a spoolie and they are a useful little tool!

ELF Eyelid Primer Champagne-I wanted the Sheer, but they were sold out so I went with Champagne instead, hoping it works as well as Sheer does!  Bit annoyed that the lid came with a crack it in it.

ELF Eyebrow Treat and Tame Medium-This is the dud of the bunch, I should have done my research though.  I went for the medium shade with looks quite red.  Apparently the eyebrow kit is a better bet.

2013-11-10 09.58.30ELF Matte Lip Color Tea Rose-This was a blogger/vlogger inspired buy, I don’t own any colors like this and it has a handy sharpener on the end!

2013-11-10 09.59.52ELF Daily Brush Cleaner-I bought this because I am rubbish at cleaning my brushes so it will be nice to give them a little spot clean in between deep cleans.

ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush-Another purchase inspired by a vlogger, this brush was raved about by MsBudgetBeauty for applying cream blush/highlight.  Currently, I love my Real Techniques Contour brush to apply cream blush, but I also like it for contouring, which is a problem as it is usually mucked up with cream blush.  I am hoping now I can use this for cream and my Real Techniques for contour.

2013-11-10 10.00.05And some swatches, ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose, ELF Lipstick Captivating, and the ELF Eyelid Primer Champagne.

What are your best and worst purchases from ELF?  Any of these items take your fancy?



4 thoughts on “November ELF Haul!

    • The blush is awesome, I really like the eyelid primer in Sheer as well, some of the brushes are quite good. The nailpolish is on par with MUA, I’d say. The lipsticks are nice and creamy as long as you don’t mind the colour difference between swatches! x

  1. I love ELF stuff – usually pick it up at my local Target but lately they’ve had a crap selection. I think I am going to wait for another 50% off sale and buy off the website instead. I love their eyelid primer, but I’ve purchased a few awful lip products lol. I love their eyebrow kit (the duo with the dark brown and taupe setting powder. Recommend, especially for pale girls like myself!

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