Are you one of THOSE people?

You know them, they plague your newsfeed, mundane updates about how many loads of laundry they did while dealing with a teething toddler, another Instagram of a plate of food, now unidentifiable due to overuse of filters, or a 27th request for a life in Candy Crush.  The annoying people of Facebook.  Research carried out by, the voucher code website, has uncovered the top ten most annoying types of Facebook users in order!

At different stages of life you are likely to encounter different types, in your early 20s, you’ll most likely be coming across 2, 5, 6 and 10.  Mid twenties to early thirties?  Look out for 3, 4 and 8!

Myself?  I would say I’m probably a bit of 4 (I did get that Jamie Oliver cookbook last Christmas) and more recently, 5 (what do you mean no ones cares that I just beat level 110?!?).


Which category do you fall into?  Which Facebook type do you find most annoying (mine is definitely 3)?


*Compensation received*

4 thoughts on “Are you one of THOSE people?

    • Haha, sometimes I wish I didn’t use Facebook! Made the mistake of setting it up for my mom last time we visited the states…The next time I spoke to her, she was up at midnight playing Candy Crush 😛

  1. Hee hee this gave me a giggle, because it is so true! I do use Facebook but I hardly post on it as I don’t want to turn into one of THOSE people!

    • I am guilty of a few for sure, but I put up with everyone else, so I figure a few instagrams of my dinner won’t hurt anyone, haha! x

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