Easy Halloween Costume: Elle Driver

Last weekend the mister and I were invited to an early Halloween/Fancy Dress party.  The theme of which was “Dead Famous”, so basically pick your favorite dead celeb, historical figure, movie character, rock star, etc.  I love Halloween and immediately started planning my costume *cough* the same day of the party *cough*.  I had a few criteria to go along with the dead theme, it had to be fairly cheap, preferably something I already had most of the supplies for, it had to be warm as I would most likely be outside for part of the evening, and also have a slightly unique edge.

I really struggled initially, I figured the party would be rife with Audrey Hepburns, Marilyn Monroes, and Janis Joplins.  But finally decided on one of my movie faves, Elle Driver from Kill Bill.  I’ve always wanted to dress up as a Tarantino character, and one of these years I will be post adrenaline shot Mia Wallace.  But Elle Driver fit the bill perfectly.  I opted for her sword fighting scene costume, rather than the obvious nurse’s outfit.

This was mostly because it fit the warm factor and I wouldn’t have to go out and buy a slutty nurse outfit.  Her sword fighting scene outfit will basically be in anyone’s closet who’s ever had an office job, white button up shirt, black trousers, black blazer.  The only two items I purchased was a blonde wig and an eye patch.

2013-10-12 20.14.18The makeup really isn’t that important, if you want to be accurate, she’s wearing very minimal eye makeup and a peachy natural lip.  I added some salt spray to the wig and cut some layers into it, Elle has been getting her ass kicked so go for a tousled sweaty look 🙂

Just be careful walking around with an eye patch, I flipped mine up for most of the evening, it really messes with your depth perception.

What are you dressing up for this Halloween?  What’s your ultimate Halloween costume?



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