Product Review: Silky Underwear

No, not actual Silky Underwear, although I am interested to see what searches this post will lead to, I’m talking about LUSH’s cult product dusting powder, Silky Underwear!

I received this product for my birthday in the “You’re a Star!” giftset, I have heard a ton about this product, but never tried it myself.  I was a bit dubious as to what I would need a dusting powder for, having never felt the need to use one before, but surprisingly, I have been using this little gem quite a bit!

2013-10-02 13.59.55Silky Underwear is jasmine scented, one of my favorite LUSH scents.  It also contains cocoa butter so it is somewhat moisturising as well which doesn’t really come to mind when you think of a dusting powder.

So what have I have been using it for?  I’ve been dusting it on my legs and arms instead of moisturising if I’m going out and don’t want to deal with skinny jeans sticking to freshly moisturised legs.  It leaves you lightly scented and also the cocoa butter leaves your legs lovely and smooth!

Another tip, it’s amazing to dust on after shaving or waxing.  Especially the bikini line, one thing I learned is that it’s better to keep the area you’ve shaved/waxed dry to avoid ingrown hairs and bumps rather than moisturising, which can aggravate the problem.

And here’s a not so pleasant, but one of those things we deal with things.  You know how smelly flats can get when you aren’t wearing socks?  Shake a little of the dusting powder into your flats and your feet will stay dry and fresh throughout the day!

Have you tried dusting powders?  What are some uses you’ve come up with?


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Silky Underwear

  1. I wear flats constantly without socks (ew I know, sensory issues here!) and always use baby powder … might have to invest in this!!!

    Also, loved that pilates workout, thanks for sharing the link!

    • Yes, now I know why people have raved about it! When I got it, I was like what do I need dusting powder for?? Haha, I read your post the other day and saw that! xx

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