The Crap Spot: Magic Skin Spa Socks

Now, I will be the first to admit that my feet are not the nicest.  I try to moisturise and wear socks to bed once in a while, but after a bout of wearing heels to work leading to blisters, sore feet, rubbed skin, etc, they were in real need of some TLC.  I have seen rave reviews about the Footner Spa socks, but at £20 a pair, I couldn’t really justify it.

Instead I opted for this pair on eBay, Magic Skin Spa socks at £1.99 a pair, I didn’t figure I had much to lose.  Now because they come from Hong Kong, the wait was about 2 1/2 weeks.  By the time they arrived, ironically enough, my feet had healed up and weren’t so bad, but I still have dry heels as well as the balls of my feet.

2013-09-21 14.56.47The directions on eBay said to clean your feet and the wear the socks for up to 2 hours.  You place the socks on your feet and then pull normal socks over the top to keep them in place.  After 2 hours, you remove them and rinse your feet.  Your feet are supposed to start peeling 2-3 days after the treatment.

2013-09-21 14.58.13So I did the treatment once Saturday afternoon, you can’t really walk around with them on so you need to do it on day when you can just chill for 2 hours.  The peeling I’ve seen from other exfoliating socks is pretty dramatic, so I got a little nervous when I realized I did this and had a wedding the next Saturday.  I thought I might be going with nasty peeling feet.  But that didn’t happen.  Nothing happened.  At all.  I thought I might have accidentally bought the moisturizing/whitening socks instead of the exfoliating, but if that was the case, my feet didn’t feel any more moisturized.  They felt and looked exactly the same and now that over a week has gone by with no change, these definitely did not work.

Bit disappointing, but you get what you pay for I suppose.  Rather than shell out for the Footners, I think I might just invest in a foot file and start being a bit more dedicated about moisturizing at night and pulling some socks on overnight.

What do you do to keep your feet in top condition?  Have you tried any of the exfoliating socks on the market?


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