The Autumn Tag!

Fall/autumn is here!  And if you read my Transitioning from Summer to Fall post, you’ll know how much I love this time of year, so without further ado, here is the fall tag!

PorcupineMountains 096

1.  Favorite thing about it?  Oooo, how to choose?  Probably the clothing options, I am a huge fan of knitwear, big chunky sweaters with skinny jeans and boots can’t be beat!  I just like being cozy in general, curling up in the evenings under a fleece blanket, candle burning away, fuzzy socks on with a hot cup of tea.

2.  Favorite drink?  Would you believe I have never drank a Pumpkin Spice Latte?  I am definitely a Peppermint Mocha girl all the way, or Caramel Apple Spice.

3.  Best scent/candle?  Definitely cinnamon scents, I have a cinnamon chai Woodwick candle which is amazing (way better than that Yankee candle crap, seriously, check out Woodwick).

4.  Best lipstick?  I have really been liking my Glossybox branded Glossy Pink lipstick at the moment, it’s a darker mauve pink and I think a nice change for fall!

5.  Go to moisturizer?  Definitely Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter, it’s so thick and moisturizing, perfect for dry winter skin.

6.  Go to colours for eyes?  I am really loving my Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette, there’s deep bronzes and golds that I really like for autumn.

7.  Favorite music or band/singer to listen to?  I have been on a Band of Horses kick lately, a bit more mellow and chilled.

8.  Favorite outfit? Chunky knit sweater, dark skinny jeans, and my felt Blowfish boots!

9.  Autumn treat?  Definitely mulled wine, as we didn’t really have it in the states and it’s such a nice chilly weather treat!

10.  Favorite place to be?  Honestly?  Curled up on my sofa, haha!  But seriously, the photo at the beginning of this post was taken at the Porcupine Mountains in Northern Michigan, which is where I went to uni.  Fall was always breathtaking, I have never seen such gorgeous trees and surroundings!

I tag all you lovely readers to do this tag and link me if you do!



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