Transitioning from Summer to Fall

And so it seems that fall is finally here (yes, I say fall, I may live in England, but I am still American and autumn sounds a bit too formal for my liking)!  Like most people it seems, fall is my favorite season, it is the season of my birthday, wedding anniversary, facilitates my unhealthy obsession with knitwear (as my mister affectionately call my grandma clothes), slipper socks, cinnamon scented candles, red holiday Starbucks cups, and not being called a weirdo because I’m huddled under a fleece blanket every evening despite a rare UK heat wave (I just like being cozy year round, ok?).  The list goes on and on.

But what about makeup?  Like everything else in my daily life that has also had some changes to accommodate the change in the seasons.2013-09-13 11.50.47

Nail Polish-Goodbye bright pinks, yellows even and pastels, hello Barry M Dusky Mauve, forest greens and deep burgundy.  Fall is all about jewel tones and metallics on the nails for me.

2013-09-13 11.51.39Lipstick-My bright orange Revlon Just Bitten Longest Name Ever Balm Stain in Rendezvous will be going into hibernation while I dig out mauves, deeper reds, and dusky pinks for the winter months.

2013-09-13 11.52.41Foundation-I love a good BB cream, but while hot summer months call for lighter coverage and maybe something a bit dewy, when cold weather hits it’s nice to have the extra coverage in a formula that a but more matte.

2013-09-13 11.54.18Blusher-Like with lipstick, in fall and winter I tend to go with a more subdued color, bye-bye to bright pinks and corals, and bringing in soft pinks and rose.

2013-09-13 11.56.35Highlighters-Warmer months require a nice golden glow to complement tanned skin, but in the chillier weather, I like something a bit more on the slightly frosty pink side.

One thing I don’t really change in accordance with the seasons is eyeshadow, I’m pretty much a neutrals girl year round.

How has your makeup changed now that the temperatures dropped?  How many knit cardigans do you think is acceptable for one person?





6 thoughts on “Transitioning from Summer to Fall

  1. great swap photos! I’m very pale so I stick to the same base, powder, blush and highlighter year round but definitely swapping in more season appropriate colors when it comes to eye and lip color. Nail color as well – I have my eye on a Wet ‘n Wild deep purple for my nails and just got a crazy awesome metallic orange in my BirchBox I plan to put on my toesies!

    Also- there is no such thing as TOO many cardigans!!! I think I own at least one in every color!!!

  2. Great post! I tend to wear the same eyeshadow all year round too. I’m going to be brave and get myself a deep berry lippie for this Autumn! xx

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