A LUSH-ous Birthday!

So I recently had a birthday and if you saw my LUSH post from last year, you might know that LUSH is typically what my family back in the states get for my birthday.  But this year my mister got in on the action as well.  So right now I have LUSH coming out the ears and that is definitely not a bad thing!

2013-09-07 14.24.46The box is the “You’re a Star!” gift set from the hubs and everything outside the box is from my parents.

Here’s what I got:

Sex Bomb-My all time favorite bath bomb, the jasmine smell is delicious, really strong though so not for everyone.

No Drought Dry Shampoo-I borrowed some of this from my sister when we were visiting in July, it smells citrusy and fresh, freshens and volumizes hair.

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon-These smell amazing, like fruity coconut and they make tons of bubbles!

Rose Jam Shower Gel-I saw someone else raving about this and had to give it a try, I’m not a huge fan of most rose scents, but this is so nice.  It’s more sweet than floral, love.

Rub Rub Rub-Another one of my all time favorites, really fresh and the scent lingers on you.  Great for exfoliating and I like to use this in my hair once in a while to clarify and volumize.  The mister is also a fan, this is one he likes to steal.

2013-09-07 14.26.11And from my gift set, this was really nice to receive as I actually haven’t tried a lot of the products included:

French Kiss Bubble Bar-A lavender scented bubble bar, not tried this one before, but think it will be great for a relaxing bath paired with the Dream Time bath melt.

Blackberry Bath Bomb-Same fragrance as Sultana of Soap which I love, this is supposed to be good for a calming bath.  Perfect for a stressful day after work!

Ceridwen’s Cauldron-This is a bath melt I’ve heard so much about, but never tried.  It is supposed to be extremely moisturizing and after the bath oil melts you are left with a little bag of oats to rub over your skin.

Silky Underwear-This is one of LUSH’s cult products, another I haven’t tried!  Smells divine and might help me slide into my skinny jeans on clammy days.  This powder is unique as it contains cocoa butter to moisturize the skin.

Dream Cream-I have tried this before and love it, but haven’t re-purchased as it is quite pricey so it’s awesome to receive as a gift!

2013-09-07 14.26.52Buffy-This is a exfoliating and moisturizing bar for in the shower, works great to soften tough spots on knees and elbows.

Therapy Massage Bar-I like the LUSH massage bars, but I prefer to cut them into chunks and add them to the bath to moisturize that way.

Skin’s Shanghri La-I haven’t tried much LUSH skin care so looking forward to trying this sample out.

Dreamtime Bath Melt-Another melt to use with lavender to unwind after a long day!

Can’t wait to start indulging in more baths now that the weather is getting a bit crisper!  And I feel completely spoiled now with this huge stash, but I will definitely be working my way through it!

Have you tried any of these products?  What’s is your LUSH all time fave?



6 thoughts on “A LUSH-ous Birthday!

  1. So many goodies! I love Lush items so much, especially during the colder seasons… I’m so curious to sniff the rose jam body wash now, it sounds lovely! Happy late birthday xx

  2. Yay!! 😀 Such wonderful presents! 😀 (And happy belated birthday!)
    I cannot choose just one Lush love, as I enjoy so many of their products. Next month Rose Jam shower gel will be available in stores in Canada, so I will be swooshing down and scooping that up!!

  3. What a great gift! Hope you had a good birthday! I really want the Rose Jam Shower Gel, sounds like it has a lovely sweet scent, which is right up my street! xx

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