Product Review: L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist

I seem to always have a ton of shampoo and conditioner samples on hand.  Mostly from applying through freebie sites and offers on Facebook.  I usually save them for when we’ve run out of shampoo and conditioner (actually, it’s usually the conditioner that goes first, which annoys me to no end as the mister uses it to style his hair) and haven’t made it to the shop yet.  I’ve never really been impressed enough with the one try a sample allows to actually go out and purchase the full size.

That wasn’t the case, however, when I received a sample of the L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist shampoo.  I tried it out one day in the shower and this shampoo lathered up amazingly, I hate when you get a few measly little suds with some shampoos.  It just doesn’t feel like it’s doing much.  It also smells really nice as well, it’s a citrusy floral.  So after being so impressed with the sample, I picked up the full size versions!

2013-07-28 12.18.48It states on the packaging that it is for hair with a tendency to fall.  This is me to a t, I shed like crazy and my hair is pretty thin to boot so I’d like to keep as much of it in my head as possible.  You should see the area where I blow dry my hair in the morning, I vacuum weekly and clumps literally come up from the carpet.  I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference in shedding, but my hair feels silky and healthy.

Overall, I really like this pair and would definitely repurchase!

What is your shampoo and conditioner of choice?  Have you ever been so impressed with one of those dinky samples that you’ve purchased the full size?



2 thoughts on “Product Review: L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist

  1. Ugh I have the same problem with using up conditioner first – my hubby steals it to shave his head baby butt smooth when he runs out of gel. I agree, never impressed enough with a sample to buy full size. I shed a ton as well so once I run out of my current shampoo and conditioner might have to give this a go!

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