Product Review: Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream

I actually grabbed this day cream by accident, I was looking to repurchase the Boots Botanics Skin Calming Day Cream, which I love.  Unfortunately, I did not love the All Bright.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a nice day cream, but it is a lot lighter than the Ultra Calm and I don’t feel it’s moisturising or rich enough for my skin type.

2013-08-09 13.34.08It does sink in quickly to the skin and contains SPF 15 which is something I look for in a moisturiser.  I still will use this up even though I don’t find it quite moisturising enough because I have been using it in conjunction with my Olay Fresh Effects BB cream, which has moisturising properties.  I think this would probably be a good moisturiser with someone with oily or younger skin than moi!

Another thing I noticed, is that this day cream does have a floral scent.  So if you are sensitive to fragrance, you might want to steer clear.

2013-08-09 13.33.15

So a nice day cream, just not for me!  When this runs out, it will be back to my richer Ultra Calm version!

What is your current day cream?  Have you tried anything from the Boots Botanics line?


Sidenote:  I would like to mention the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner from the same range, recently, I was made aware (via MsBudgetBeauty) that the All Bright Toner has similar ingredient list to the much coveted Pixi Glow Tonic.  The main difference is the alcohol in the Boots Botanics toner, but might be worth checking out if you’re looking for a budget version!


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream

  1. I love this, I can’t wait til I finish my current day cream so I can get on to it! I like quite a light moisturiser in the day, though, so it suits me, but I can see why it’s not what you were looking for!

    • Huh, I didn’t realize that brightening products weren’t good for oily skin, I thought they just helped with pigmentation and evening skintone! x

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