Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette

This was probably my most highly sought after item on my USA visit wish list.  I’ve seen so many beauty vloggers and bloggers talk about the Comfort Zone palette and that red green duo chrome shadow, to die for!  I was a little worried when over twitter I was told that it’s hard to come by, but lucky for me, my local Target was stocked to the brim with these $4 babies!

2013-07-25 16.58.56(Oh no, smudge!)  All the colours contained in this palette are colours I will wear.  and the right hand crease colour is supposedly a dupe for MAC’s Club.

2013-07-25 17.00.33The shadows are soft and buttery, although there is some fall out.  They have amazing pigmentation for a product that is $4, $4!  That is roughly £2.60!

2013-07-25 17.01.51Pretty, pretty.  I can’t wait to experiment with some new eye looks with these shadows!  (Excuse the scar on my arm, had a mishap with a fishing reel in the states :P).

Have you tried any Wet n’ Wild products?  What’s your favorite shadow from the Comfort Zone palette?




4 thoughts on “Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette

  1. I have yet to invest in this palette (need to do some thorough cleaning out of my current makeup pile!) but plan to, after seeing all the great reviews. I have other Wet ‘n Wild palettes and they really are such a good product, even better when you think about how much $ you are saving!

    • Hope you can get it! I’ve been wearing it almost everyday now, it’s perfect for autumn! I’m going back to the states for Christmas, will have to check out the Mega Last lipsticks x

      • That sounds lovely, the colours definitely put you in an autumnal mood.
        Ohh, lucky you! 🙂 The Mega Last ones are more on the dry and matte side, but they’re so longwearing and the pigmentation is fantastic. I think they’re around $2-3 there.

        Best wishes,

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