The Great Skincare Debate

There’s been quite a bit of talk lately on Youtube and the blogosphere surrounded Caroline Hirons, deemed skin care goddess of the interwebz and go to for all information regarding skin care.  I have read Caroline’s blog and watched her interview with Pixiwoos on their Bodytalk channel, and while she is a wealth of information, credible information at that, here are just a few things I can’t personally get on board with.  And before I get jumped on this is just a general rant, not directed at Caroline at all, it’s just the debate being brought up does seem to center around her because she is so knowledgable about the subject.

First issue, £95 for a moisturizer.  A point is made in the Bodytalk video that you only get one face.  Therefore, you should consider expensive skin care an investment.  That’s well and good, but considering I don’t even spend £95 on two weeks worth of groceries, that’s an investment I can’t really justify.  A more affordable skin care item is talked about, the Pixi Glow Tonic, retailing for £16.  Ok, again, that may be affordable for some people, but I am looking to spend half that on my skin care items if I am honest.  On a bigger picture, you only have one life, I really doubt a few extra wrinkles when I grow old are going to be a big deal compared to the experiences I will have and enjoy rather than scrimping for a super expensive cleanser.

So money is an issue, I don’t begrudge people who spend that much on skin care.  People have different priorities and should be able to spend their money as they wish.  And maybe if I wasn’t saving mortgage at the moment, I would be ok with spilling out a little bit more on my skin care products.


It is a bit tedious to keep hearing about how foaming cleansers are EVIL and oh my god, don’t even mention the face wipes!  How can you even think of putting that crap on your face?  Fine, foaming cleansers and face wipes aren’t great, I know, you don’t have to keep telling me.  Diet Coke is bad for you and pretty much everyone knows it, but I’m not going to harp on anyone I see drinking diet Coke about the evils and “why aren’t you drinking water? It’s sooooo much better for you!!”.

So there’s my two cents, I cleanse, tone and moisturize, and while the products I use may not be seen as “good” products, I am happy with my skin and the amount I spend to maintain it.  And that’s all that really matters to me.

Do you think high-end skin care is worth investing in or are you happy with drug store buys?


4 thoughts on “The Great Skincare Debate

  1. I agree with this so much. It would be awesome if there was somewhere you could go and have the same do’s and don’ts with ‘high street’ products.

    Yes it is great that someone is doing the research and if I got off my arse I might be able to look into it, it would just be nice if someone could do something nice for normal people.

  2. Some of what she says I believe in and other parts are not relevant to me. I’m not an advocate of high end products there are some great smaller companies out there with good ranges. If you like your current routine and products then stick with it 🙂

  3. Great post! I think what works for you is the best. And by that I mean what works for your wallet and for your skin. Just because something is £xxx doesn’t mean it is right for your skin type. About time we broke away from the belief that the more expensive it is, the better it is.

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