My Makeup Dis-Organization

No, ladies, this will not be a post showing you cute little vintage trays and tins of strategically jumbled makeup, nor will it be a post of militant acrylic storage showcasing rows of lipsticks and blushers.  This is real, these are my “piles” that seem to creep into every corner of any room I tend to inhabit.  I like the idea of cute and tidy makeup storage, but it just hasn’t happened for me yet.

I dread the thought of  trying to wipe away the inevitable layers of dust and fingerprints that would accumulate on the Muji type storage.  And my hatred of shopping is not conducive to collecting kitschy vintage holders over time.  So here it is, in all it’s non-glory, my makeup storage (if you can call it that)!

2013-06-16 15.36.23The mantle aka my hairdressing station-You may recognize this area as I use it to photograph products, but while not being used for blog purposes, my hairstyling products tend to accumulate because there’s a nice big mirror and a plug for my hair dryer all in one convenient area.  Odds and ends, such as the micellar waters I was rotating through for the micellar water challenge also tend to build up in this area.

2013-06-16 15.38.57The coffee table nail technician-This stuff used to just lay willy nilly all over the shelf on our coffee table to be within easy reach in the evenings when I tend to do my nails.  But somewhere along the way, I gathered it all up into a Glossybox (probably when the mister got sick of stepping on stray nail polishes).  I keep some hand and foot creams, nail art tools, whatever polishes I am currently into, nail polish remover, and that crappy Glossybox branded brush to dust off my keyboard.

2013-06-16 15.36.42Everyday essentials-This is my box of everyday makeup and stack o’ pallets I keep in the bathroom.  That box pretty much has anything I’d want for my work makeup or a night out in it.  I don’t suggest storing makeup this way (although I will continue to do it).  The sunlight has made the black rub off of my MUA palettes and made them look kind of nasty.  I would prefer to do/keep my makeup in my bedroom, but because mister and I work different hours, there are days where I’m getting ready and he’s still asleep.  So I have my crap spread over the house out of consideration for him.

2013-06-16 15.38.00Surplus storage-I made this Glossybox drawers awhile back and well it looked cute at first, I have overfilled and battered it a bit and I am actually looking at getting some a bit sturdier.  Currently this sits on my dresser and house my perfumes on the top, makeup I’m not using, samples I’ve received, and my nail polishes in the bottom.

So there, I hope that made you feel better about your makeup storage (if you have it) or lack of (if you don’t).

So tell me ladies, are you neat and tidy with everything in its place?  Or do your things tend to accumulate into their own little makeup/product colonies like mine do?



4 thoughts on “My Makeup Dis-Organization

  1. Living in college accommodation (non-changeable, random furniture) means that I can’t set up one of those gorgeous dressing tables with all the cute boxes, so I very much appreciate that someone else has haphazard make up storage like me! 😀

  2. I got a hanging, zippered/velcro type pouch system from a Mary Kay party I went to a few years ago; that’s where all my make up crap goes. I try to divide it by groups (lip products, eye, etc) but it is pretty haphazard despite being in one place haha. The pouches come in handy when it is time to travel though!

    • Haha, I am probably most organized when I am traveling! I think with things I use, it’s easier just to have them laying out than stored away and that is my big issue.

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