Graze Breakfast Box

I received a code to try out a graze breakfast box recently.  Graze has introduced a box containing four punnets of porridge and not one to say no to free food, I gave it a go.  I am not a huge breakfast person, in fact I skip it during the work week (naughty, naughty, I know).  But I do eat it on the weekends and I love porridge as a healthy snack option.

2013-05-09 16.42.23Currently the breakfast box retails for £2.99 and is available exclusively by offer code (which you might find at the end of this post…).  There are 8 porridges to choose from, 4 that come with honey and 4 without.

2013-05-09 16.43.08I received blueberry and lingonberry, cherry and almond with honey, coconut and date with yoghurt covered seeds, and fig and blueberry.  Coconut and date was my favorite so far, the yoghurt melted of the seeds and gave a nice sweet taste to the porridge.  The cherry and almond was quite nice as well, the cherries are plump and tart and the honey adds a nice sweetness.

2013-05-09 16.48.30Have you tried the graze breakfast box?  What does your morning start-up consist of?

Code for a free box! V47ZH9J



2 thoughts on “Graze Breakfast Box

    • You’ve never had porridge before?? Wow, I grew up on the stuff for breakfast! Yeah, definitely not for people who aren’t a fan 🙂 x

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