Beauty Bargain Alert: Barry M Topcoat, Basecoat, & Nail Hardener

Whoo, could that name get any longer?  Mouthful or not, I am so happy I decided to purchase the Barry M Topcoat, Basecoat, & Nail Hardener because this product is absolutely amazing!  If you’ve read any of my past NOTD posts, you will notice I often moan and whinge about my painstakingly painted nails lasting of all two minutes before chipping horribly.  There’s nothing more irritating than spending 45 minutes on nail art only to have an entire nail peel off and wash down the sink the next day.

I’ve tried a few different topcoats, ELF, Nails Inc, Sally Hansen, but none of them really seemed to make much of a difference.  Then on a whim, I grabbed this Barry M Topcoat while I was indulging myself in some of their Gelly Hi-shines.

2013-03-24 12.56.23I use it as a basecoat and topcoat and have noticed that it makes almost any brand of nail polish last about 4-5 days without any chips.  That includes the less than stellar ELF and MUA nail polishes which I was lucky to have last 12 hours without chipping with any of my other topcoats.  Maybe 4-5 days doesn’t seem that long, but as someone who changes their nail polish on a weekly basis, this is ideal for me.

So if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a decent topcoat, I would definitely recommend this one.  At £2.99 it’s a complete bargain!

Have you tried the Barry M Topcoat, Basecoat & Nail Hardener?  What’s your favourite topcoat?


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