Product Review: MUA Bronzed Perfection

I have to be careful with what bronzers I choose because my skin is so fair, it’s easy to look too muddy or orange.  The MUA Bronzed Perfection is actually perfect for contouring fair skin I was happy to discover.

2013-02-28 16.25.33This thing is huge as well, you get a ton of product for your money!  I love the packaging on this, it’s simple, sturdy, and the embossed product is a nice a touch.

2013-02-28 16.26.04It’s pretty much a matte bronzer with no shimmer, I like to use it to contour.  The one negative I would say is that it is quite powdery and you get a ton of fall out/powder when you even lightly touch the compact with a brush.  But for the price and amount of product, I’m willing to overlook that.

2013-03-24 12.52.57Have you picked up the MUA Bronzed Perfection?  What’s your go to bronzer?


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