MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Did I really need another neutral palette to add to my collection of MUA Heaven and Earth, MUA Undressed, and my Sleek I-Divine Storm palette??  The answer is yes.  The MUA Undress Me Too palette is absolutely gorgeous and probably my new favorite of my ever-growing neutral palette collection.

2013-02-28 16.24.27I think I will get more use out of this palette than the Undressed palette, the colour range is just better suited for me.  This is apparently a pretty good dupe of the Urban Decay Naked2 palette, and at £4 you just can’t go wrong.

2013-02-28 16.25.11I love the new white packaging, it is a nice change from the usual black.  I think it will keep better than the original MUA palettes because mine show dirt and smudges quite badly.

All the colours are quite pigmented, the same quality as other MUA palettes.  I will definitely be featuring some looks with this palette as it is already becoming a firm favorite in my daily make up looks.

Have you purchased the MUA Undress Me Too Palette yet?  What are you waiting for?



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