Soap and Glory Best of All: Part Two

And another edition of my Soap and Glory Best of All review (check out part one here)!  Today’s post features the Righteous Butter, Heel Genius, and Peaches and Clean.  Three products that are helping me keep my skin in tip-top state during the colder winter months!

2013-02-05 15.34.45The Righteous Butter is a thick and luxurious body butter scented with the famous Soap and Glory “Pink” scent.  This is perfect for slathering on after a soak in the tub or on freshly shaven legs.  It sinks in quickly without leaving you greasy, you do need a few minutes to “air dry” before trying to slip into those skinny jeans though!

2013-02-05 15.35.07Heel Genius, while not the most exciting product (does anyone get excited about a foot lotion), has become part of my nightly ritual to get my poor sad dry feet back into a condition I see fit for others to view.  This is a light blue, minty lotion that is perfect for slathering on and then covering with some fuzzy socks.  Leave on overnight and your feet will feel amazing!  The minty tingle is great for tired feet that have been stomping around in heels at the office all day.

And last, but certainly not least, Peaches and Clean.  This product has probably changed my beauty routine the most as I have ditched my much beloved face wipes in favor of using this cleanser with a facecloth to remove my makeup every night.  It leaves your skin feeling clean, but not dried out.  I usually use a separate eye makeup remover for stubborn mascara, but Peaches and Clean will take off everything else!

Have you tried any of these products from Soap and Glory?  Have any made it into your beauty routine?



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