My Perfume Collection

Until I recently I wasn’t much of a perfume wearer, nothing nice anyway, maybe the occasional body spray.  I just couldn’t justify the cost.  But with all those fragrance samples in the my Glossyboxes, I started finding more and more scents I loved and seeing how investing in a good perfume really isn’t all that frivolous.

My collection isn’t huge, but I am really happy with it and I think I have a fragrance now for most occasions.  I will do my best to describe these fragrances, but I can’t promise much (this smells nice!) so I’ll list the notes for you as well!

2013-01-19 11.33.16DKNY Red Delicious-(Hello reflection!)  This is actually my least favorite perfume in the bunch, mostly because I prefer DKNY Be Delicious, but the Red Delicious makes a nice everyday scent (review here).  It’s a light daytime fragrance that I find myself wearing to work, most suited for the warmer months.

Top Notes: Apple, raspberry, vanilla bean. Heart Notes: Patchouli, rose.  Base Notes: Vanilla, sensual skin accord (what?!).

Lady Gaga Fame-I was a bit surprised when I first tried this perfume, I expected something a bit deeper and more complex from Lady Gaga (like my Illamasqua Freak).  This is actually a very sweet, floral scent.  I mainly wear it to work, but it could be used as an evening scent as well (does anyone else classify scents as daytime or evening?).

Notes: Semen and blood (just kidding!) Dark Notes: Belladonna.  Sensual Notes: Honey, saffron, and apricot.  Light Notes:  Tiger orchid.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her-My absolute favorite, after receiving a sample in a Glossybox.  I didn’t like this perfume initially, but it’s really grown on me now.  This is my “special occasion” perfume.  It has a floral scent, but there’s some complex and deeper that gives it a unique scent.  Love, love, love and isn’t the bottle gorgeous and sophisticated?

Top Notes: Rose, bergamot, osmanthus, African orange flower.  Heart Notes: Musk, amber.  Base Notes: Vetiver, vanilla.

Illamasqua Freak Eau de Parfum-Another Glossybox samples, that I thought was yuck at first, but then grew to love.  This is a unique musky scent, definitely for evening, especially if you want something a bit edgier.  I always seem to get compliments when I wear this perfume, I think because it smells different from your run of the mill floral, fruity scents.  And isn’t the snail precious?

Top Notes: Black davanna, opium flower, belladonna.  Heart Notes: Poison hemlock, datura, and queen of the night blossom.  Base Notes: Frankincense, oud, and myrrh.

What is your favorite fragrance?  Have you tried any of these?


4 thoughts on “My Perfume Collection

    • I’d love to have the green one again, two other women at my work wear it though so I get to smell it throughout the day anyway, haha! x

    • It wasn’t a big selling point for me, but I don’t mind it. Do you not like the looks of it or has it stained your clothing? x

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