January Glossybox Review

This box finally broke the last straw for me (well, in a way anyway, I’m not unsubscribing just yet, but will explain).  Just a rubbish and disappointing box.  Dinky little samples that were definitely not worth the price of the box and only one item I was actually excited to try.

2013-01-18 11.36.41I also have to say I am not a fan of the huge paper fold out insert, the card was a lot nicer looking and the “newsletter” just kind of cheapens the box.

2013-01-18 11.37.04Lacoste Eau de Lacoste-I usually don’t mind fragrance samples, but instead of a nice atomizer on top to spray the sample, this one had a stopper that is pretty much impossible to get out without spilling the fragrance everywhere.  The fragrance itself is much too floral and sickly for my liking.

BM Beauty Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder-I actually really liked this face powder.  What I didn’t like was the size of the sample and how they decided to package a loose face powder.  I use a Real Techniques Powder brush which is a quite a large brush and this stuff just ended up everywhere.

Monu Micro Exfoliant-This was the one redeeming product in the box.  I love Monu and wouldn’t have known about their brand if it hadn’t been for Glossybox, I’ve never been disappointed in any of their products.  This is an amazing gentle exfoliator with the tiniest particles to buff away dead skin, it leaves your skin feeling renewed and fresh.

2013-01-18 11.37.39Glossybox Eye Mask-Cute, but I’m not an eye mask user.

Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Thermal Transformation-I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m guessing you won’t really get any results for a one day use of a 30 day transformation?

Not shown is a Murad Eye cream because I gave this to one of my work colleagues as I have a ton of eye cream samples to go through (still haven’t gotten to my Balance Me Eye cream from a previous Glossybox).

So yeah, nothing very thrilling there and I am pretty annoyed I paid £12.95 for this.  But Because I have over 800 Glossydots on my account, I am going to keep my subscription for another month, after that I can redeem my points for a free box and then I will be unsubscribing.  I might see how Birchbox is getting on at that point and maybe try them out.  But I do think Glossybox and I have run our course.

What did you think of this month’s Glossybox?  Have you subscribed to Birchbox UK yet?



2 thoughts on “January Glossybox Review

  1. I get a Birchbox here in the US and have been subscribing since August. I have generally been happy with their boxes, with only one major dud since August. Can’t speak for the UK box though.

    • They recently launched Birchbox here so I’m hoping by the time I get around to subscribing in a few months they’ll have worked out any teething problems. I just need a change I think, Glossybox has been really hit and miss and I’ve been subscribed to them for over a year now.

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