NOTD: Spotty Nails!

If you read my Christmas Haul post, you will have seen I received the Amazon Dotting Tools that Lilly Pebbles raves about.  I haven’t ventured into anything more difficult than polka dots at the moment, but I am looking forward to playing around with these and trying new designs.  If you are into nails and such, I would really suggest adding these tools to your arsenal, you can get them for around 2 quid on Amazon here.

2013-01-06 13.51.31I used the Seche Nail Laquer in Lumiere that I received in my December Glossybox for the base and MUA Nail Varnish in Shade 10 for the spots.  I did notice that the Seche Nail Laquer is almost an exact match for ELF’s Nail Polish in Champagne if you are looking for a cheaper dupe.

2013-01-07 12.41.09I am a bit annoyed because I’m on Day 2 of wear at the moment and have lost half the varnish on my index fingers, I was scrubbing the bathroom sink though which probably isn’t the best for maintaining a manicure (why oh why do I get the urge to clean after painstakingly painting my nails?).

Have you tried any nail art or effects?  Any recommendations for a good topcoat?


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