My Ombre Experience: L’Oreal Wild Ombre Kit

Ever since I watched one of Zoella’s youtube videos with her ombre hair I’ve been contemplating trying it on myself.  But I was afraid of the effects of bleach on my already fragile, thin hair.  I had visions of myself waiting with the bleach and then ending up crying on the bathroom floor with clumps of fried blonde hair in my hands.  Then L’Oreal came out with their Wild Ombre kits, it made it look so easy.  After consulting with some lovely ladies on Twitter who had already taken the plunge with the kit, I decided to give it a go.  I figured if it turned out horrifically, I could always cut off the ends or just start wearing my hair in buns (very on trend!).

I bought the kit for £6.00 in Boots and I went for the lightest colour, No. 3 because my hair is kind of a dark blonde.   Here is what it comes with:

2012-11-16 14.34.52I definitely recommend reading the instructions thoroughly and becoming familiar with them before trying this out.  I also wore an old shirt that was bound for the charity bin and used a towel around my shoulders that I didn’t care if it was bleached.

There are a few different ways you can apply the color/bleach to your hair, some people comb it through per the instructions.  I found that this can give you a very definite line in your hair if you’re not careful.  I wish I would have used the method of applying it to the ends, waiting a few minutes, then applying it a bit higher in the hair.  This way the ends are more bleached and the higher bits blend better into the rest of your hair.

2012-11-16 14.46.33Excuse my no makeup, I knew I was going to get in the shower to actually rinse out the bleach so I didn’t waste my time with makeup.  I left the solution on for 30 minutes because I thought my thin hair would really take to it, but I wished I would have left it on the full 45 minutes because as you will see, the results were rather subtle.

My ends did feels rather dry and damaged after rinsing out the bleach so I left my John Frieda hair mask on for about 20 minutes after the process and in the following days.  I would really recommend using your favorite hair mask after your ombre to keep your hair in good shape.  It’s been about 3 weeks and my hair feels fine now and I haven’t noticed any excessive split or damaged hair.

And the result!  Now I think my right side actually turned out better than the left and I will tell you why.  About 10 minutes after I had put the bleach in and was waiting around, I noticed that I had gone up higher with the bleach on my left side slightly, so I took the comb and ran some more solution up the right side.  This made the right side blend in better with my natural hair color while the left side left a noticeable line between my natural and bleached hair.  The box instructs to apply it to about 2/3 of your hair, I went about 2 inches below my ears because I felt that would look best with my hair length.

PicMonkey Collage(Before on the left, After on the right , also with makeup, haha).  Now, I am pretty happy with the result, I think it really brightens up my hair and adds a bit more movement.  I just wish it was more noticeable!  I think I might try it again in a few months and I will be able to get the application a lot better now that I’ve tried it.  Overall, I really like the kit and it made it fairly easy as someone who was absolutely terrified of getting bleach anyway near my hair.

Have you tried the ombre trend out?  What do you think of the L’Oreal Wild Ombre Kits?



20 thoughts on “My Ombre Experience: L’Oreal Wild Ombre Kit

  1. Hi:-) I’ve had my ombres no2 kit for 4 days now and am very nervous of the whole thing as I’ve never home dyed before!! Taking the plunge tonight after reading your blog! Thanks x

      • Finally got round to doing it!!! I love the result:-)actually going to get another kit as I think it needs a few touch ups ( back of hair) but still love the results nonetheless. I used the no.2 kit and I found that after I used the shampoo that came with the pack my hair wasn’t in great condition but I then used a hair mask and my hair is in great condition 🙂 xx

      • So glad it turned out! I think I want to do mine again soon, you don’t really notice it anymore. x

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