Sites You Should Join

This is going to be a bit of a different post today, not so much makeup related.  Basically, this is going to be a list of my top sites to join where you can get sent free products to try and test out (a bit like this post on freebies).  I have gotten some great free stuff from participating on these sites and thought it would be good to share!

1.  Bzzagent-Bzzagent is a marketing site where you sign up and take surverys.  You then get the opportunity to try out new products in campaigns based on your survey answers.  Your job is to talk about the products with others and report your Bzz back to Bzzagent.  I have gotten some great stuff from Bzzagant including: a Sonicare Electric Toothbrush, Burt’s Bees products, Covergirl Mascara, and most recently John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner.  They have a UK and US site as well!

Bzzagent UK even connects with your Tesco Club Card so you can earn points for your campaigns!

Bzzagent US

2.  Influenster-I have gotten some amazing stuff from this site, unfortunately I think it is only US-based at the moment.  I’ve basically received two boxes that are like the typical beauty boxes containing full-sized products and samples for free (my last box contained Goody Spin Pins, a Bath and Body Works Candle, Hair Smoother, and an NYC Eyeshadow palette)!  Just for being connected, blogging and using your influence.  If you want an invite to Influenster, let me know below so I can invite you!

3.  MySurvey-This site makes you do a bit of work for your reward, but I like it.  Basically you answer surveys that are based on a profile you build and you can earn points or entries into a prize draw for answering the surveys.  Your points can then be redeemed for different vouchers (Amazon vouchers being my fave!).  This is a legitimate site and I have not received spam for being signed up with them.

4.  Klout-Now I haven’t received used and Perks yet on Klout, but again this is a site a bit like Influenster where you receive a Klout rating based on how many followers, retweets, shares, etc you have on your social networks.  You can then earn free perks for having a high Klout score.
Let me know if you join or already have joined any of these sites and what you think!

What are your favorite sites that give free perks?


Leave me a comment, I love reading them and will try to reply to each one!

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