LUSH BB Seaweed Face Mask

I am a big fan of LUSH products and their Fresh Face Masks!  I picked up the BB Seaweed and Sacred Truth mask (review on Sacred Truth to come!) the other day, I’ve never tried either of those masks before.  I have used Fresh Face Masks before though, the chocolate mask and the blueberry mask.

  LUSH describes this mask as a good mask for softening, cooling, and reducing redness.  It also contains ground almonds for exfoliation.

So what did I think of this mask?  It is very thick, like most LUSH Fresh Face Masks and they can be a bit difficult to apply (and cold from being kept in the fridge!).  BB Seaweed does have bits of seaweed in it, but I didn’t really have a problem with the bits falling off or anything.  The smell is a bit herbal-y and floral, very typical LUSH scent.  The mask exfoliates your face as you wash it off, I did find it left my skin feeling a bit tight.  You do need to use a moisturizer after you use it.
Over all, it is a really nice all-purpose mask.  It left my skin feeling deep cleansed and fresh.

What is your favorite LUSH Fresh Face Mask?



2 thoughts on “LUSH BB Seaweed Face Mask

  1. I got a sample pot of this from Lush and loved it! I’m going to buy it full size. I bought Cosmetic Warrior but it made my skin dry 😦 I also had a sample of Catastrophe Cosmetic but wasn’t keen on the smell and how my skin felt afterwards, like it was still on if that makes sense!! xx

    • Yeah, some are really drying. Sacred Truth was really nice, I liked it better than BB Seaweed, it’s a bit more moisturizing than cleansing. The only issue I have with these masks is that it is so hard to use them up before the expiry date! x

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